Shielding Yourself From Fraud

Oct 03 2011

The marketing industry faces a plethora of fraudulent activities, which can have a negative impact on a company; not only by means of increased costs, but also by lowering the companies over all reputation. As we are into the technology world, and want information fast many of us rely on emails for communication.

The email marketing business relies substantially on reaching a users inbox. If newsletters that companies send out to customers went from inbox to the junk folder then the business would lose a lot of revenue.  It is in a email marketing businesses best interest to protect their reputation. So how can XVerify protect the reputation of your emailing business?

Because the email business relies on the reputation of their IP addresses of the mailing servers to get into the inbox. There are many factors that go into building reputation of IPs, and it is a lot harder to build reputation rather than to lose it. One of those factors would be your bounce rate.

Did you know that after implementing Xverify you can significantly reduce your bounce rate? Our email verification checks to make sure an email address is valid and working prior to allowing the user continue the registration process. We even make sure that someone does not attempt to register with a disposable email account because this will result in a bounced mail in the future.

Another big positive about XVerify and protecting you from fraud, is that if your business is spending a lot of money on advertising then you are likely hoping to see results from that investment. But, what if scammers out there are looking to take advantage of you? They have bots that just fill up lead gen forms with false information and click submit, and you are unknowingly paying for these costs because you think it is a real lead. Don’t get burned by what really goes on in the advertising industry and take the extra step to protect yourself. You will find in return after implementing Xverify the results will pay for itself.


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