SellUp: Powerful Best Practices for Email Marketers

Nov 21 2016


Email isn’t a one-size-fits-all marketing medium and it should not be treated as such. When creating your company’s email marketing campaign, there are various factors to take into consideration. Here are the best practices every email marketer needs to consider:

Deliver Powerful Design:
“With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility”
There are multiple elements to consider when building a campaign during the holiday season (and year-round). You have a responsibility to your customers to deliver powerful design.

Get creative with your campaigns. The goal is to evoke an emotional response in your subscribers. This will build a customer’s trust and encourage them to purchase. Your campaigns should be consistent with your branding in order to keep your customers from getting confused about the company.


You should:
● Maintain a color scheme
● Include high quality graphics / imagery
● Use text fonts that are consistent throughout your campaigns

Headers and footers should be the same in every email you send. Consider designing a header that matches your website’s navigation bar. The footer of your email should include any relevant pages on your website, social media links, plus an option for readers to share with friends.

Advanced campaigns possess responsive design, creating optimal viewing experience and ensuring successful click-through capabilities for mobile users. Don’t forget to optimize your creatives for mobile, in addition to your desktop-friendly version. Movable Ink reports that up to 70% of people use their mobile devices to read emails.

Offer Personalized Content:
“Let’s Get Personal.”
Personalizing emails creates a strong connection with your customer base and increases the likelihood of them completing purchases. In 2016, personalized email is about more than simply including a subscriber’s name in a subject line. Get to know your subscribers! Understanding the type of content your audience responds to will allow you to improve your campaigns. Segment your audience based on their activity and the information they give you.
email campaign types

Automated Sends / Welcome Cascades:
Snag customers immediately following list sign-up with powerful, persuasive correspondence.
Triggered Campaigns:
Capitalize on an initial connection and utilize auto-response emails to thank clients for a survey or for leaving feedback, offering a new promotion.
Shopping Cart / Browse Abandon:
Encourage customers to follow through on interest with shopping cart reminders for recently viewed items.
Provide valuable tips and guidance, as well as establish a rapport with your clients, via informational and personal e-newsletters.
Consumer Reengagement:
Offer non-active consumers a fresh incentive for relationship re-establishment.

Testing Various Elements Of Your Emails
“Testing… Testing… 1…2…3…”
The key to driving long-term success with your email program is an ongoing commitment to testing, optimizing, and re-testing the emails you send out to make sure they’re delivering the most value to your readers – and to your business.
Through testing and benchmarking, SellUP ensures that clients have the strongest possible message to send to customers; ones that have scientifically proven themselves to have the highest open rate, highest click rate and the highest sales. SellUP creates extensive testing programs, including A/B and Multivariate tests on subject line, offer, offer positioning, creative, copy, timing, frequency & calls-to-action.

By studying the percentage of online sales, comparing results to industry averages, and analyzing offers sent to clients, SellUP creates compelling and relevant email marketing solutions that propel subscribers to click, respond, and act!

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Nancy Anteby is SellUP’s Social Media and Marketing Coordinator. In her free time, she loves to paint, travel and go to concerts. Nancy’s attention to detail allows her to express her creativity both in the office and in the art studio. Follow SellUP on LinkedIn today.

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