Roundup: Our 15 Favorite Email Marketing Articles in 2016

Jan 05 2017

round up email marketing articles of 2016

Live and learn, read and learn even more. We love articles with a lot of new takes on email marketing, statistics, and advice that we can pass on. So, here is our list of awesome content creators who wrote great articles that left their mark on the emailing industry in 2016.

  1.  1.Search Engine Journal|
    How to Avoid Digital Customer Service Fails
    Author – Cynthia Johnson
    Why we love this article? As a frequent online shopper we know poor customer user experience will cause buyers to shop somewhere else. Cynthia in this article talks about how you can take your online business to the next level by using marketing automation tools. She also points out little bonuses to enhance your site such as if the customer is already on your email list, don’t continue to ask them to subscribe.

    4 Ways to Dramatically Increase Email Subscriptions
    Author – Jesse Torres
    Here’s why this article rocks our socks – Jesse pulled together some mind blowing stats in this article about how marketers still get more success with email marketing over social media marketing. According to facts he found, not only do customers purchase more from email marketing, but they also make BIGGER purchases. He also gives great advice on opt-in box placement, keeping the data collection form short, and how to trigger interest with freebies.

    7 Email Marketing Tips for Marketers
    Author – AJ Agrawal
    What is great about this one? AJ points out if you want to win your customers over, you have to treat them like individuals not like numbers. Personalization, segmentation and AB testing can really help your email marketing campaigns thrive. He also does a great job pointing out how you need to not overwhelm your subscriber’s inbox either. That is a huge piece of advice.

  4. 4.|
    Looking Back on a Year of List Management Tips
    Author – Brandon
    Check out our thoughts… This article written by Brandon is worth your while. It helps benefit email marketers of all levels. He takes you back to the basics of email marketing. Tells you about how you need to focus on your audience and develop a clear strategy. Sometimes, even seasoned marketers go off their path and need to be reminded to get back on track. Brandon also touches on email personalization as well as the effectiveness of abandoned cart emails.

  5. 5.|
    Email Marketers’ Top Challenges and Address-Capture Tactics
    Author – Ayaz Nanji
    Why this article made the list This article is short, but Ayaz did his research when creating this content. He also brings in a lot of graphical elements that make it easy to skim and scan this article. We liked some of the cool stats shown such as how 61% of marketers have said they collect email opt-ins on their website and another 60% have also said they do it via social media.

  6. 6.|
    It’s Not Me, It’s You: 4 Reasons People Unsubscribe From Your Email List
    Author – Erin Myers
    This article is packed with details This one is very useful because it not only is packed with great content but also imagery. She covers a lot of information on major reasons users unsubscribe for your list. Some of those reasons include poor quality content, overwhelming the customer’s inbox, and not being mobile optimized. Erin’s article is certainly worth the read.

  7. 7.|
    Why Email is Still King
    Author – Maria Wachal
    What makes this article great?What really caught my attention here was their choice of headline image, it’s a toy Elvis aka The King. Maria points out how email is King, and that the number of email accounts people have are still growing at a rapid rate. She also covers why it is important to grow your email list over social media followers, and why it is important to know more about your customers. Ok she even put GRUMPY CAT in the post – of course this had to make the list!

  8. 8.|
    6 Types of Transactional Emails That Every Email Marketer Should Know
    Author – Kevin George
    Here is why we added this one!Transactional emails are something businesses need to take more advantage of. Sure, maybe you already send a welcome email, but other emails count as transactional also such as password resets and purchase confirmations. Kevin did a great job of breaking down various types of transactional emails and he has also provided examples and images. Go check it out.

  9. 9.|
    What Most Marketers are Missing in Their Drip Emails
    Author – Janet Choi
    This one is great because…I hand picked this article because Janet uses a great analogy of email campaigns and gardening. Do you have a green thumb for your email list? However she also compares old drip campaign techniques to modern day drip campaigns. This is where things get really interesting because you might not know the difference, check it out.

  10. 10.|
    4 Email Marketing Lessons I learned from Personal Relationships
    Author – Skylar Holobach
    I couldn’t resist adding this one.Skyler does a fantastic job keeping this content an enjoyable read. Who would have thought to compare love relationships with email campaigns? That is exactly why this one is so entertaining, and guess what… it is a blog series. One of the key elements in this article is why would you want a boring date? Most would not, and your users might be finding your email content boring and looking for love elsewhere.

  11. 11.|
    List Building: How to Grow Your Email List Using Facebook Live
    Author – Mike Stelzner
    This one is a must read because…Michael never lets us down with his content and this is very valuable content because you are merging email list growth with Facebook’s latest feature LIVE. He also did a podcast which you can find here with Amy Porterfield. I recommend you read it or tune in to hear expert advice on how you can GO LIVE and capture more emails for your list building.

  12. 12.|
    The Ultimate Guide to International Email Law + Infographic
    Author – Bettina Specht
    Because Infographics are Awesome!In this article Bettina went above and beyond by turning what is typical boring information aka law, into a fun infographic. She has put together a variety of countries and the laws marketers must abide by when performing email marketing. This article is certainly worth it for ALL marketers to check out especially international email marketers.

  13. 13.|
    What marketers need to know for 2017
    Author – Jeff Slutz
    We love to hear thoughts from industry experts.This post is very fitting as it is what marketers are predicting to expect in 2017. Jeff took the time to talk to 7 marketing gurus and capture their responses to create this future telling article for email marketing.

  14. 14.|
    Email Marketing VS Social Media Performance in 2016
    Author – Martin Zhel
    Here is what we have to say about this one –Martin pulls together some very gripping information in the post. The bottom line is that you need both email marketing and social media marketing. They are two different opportunities to engage with your customers. In this post he outlines how email marketing performs better in certain circumstances as well as covers when social media gets more engagement.

  15. 15.|
    Email Marketing Tips: 33 Industry Experts Share their Best Strategies and Tactics
    Author – Zach Grove
    We (heart) expert opinions –Zach did a great job fact-finding and speaking with 33 industry experts. This article is easy to read because each of the professionals provided their answers in a short paragraph. I really think this article can apply to both old and new email marketers, because it is always great to learn from someone smarter than yourself.

In reality this list can go on and on. There are so many great articles out there around email marketing, learning never stops. Go ahead check out each one of these articles we would love to hear about which one you enjoyed.

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