Ringless Voicemail-How to Ensure Your Message Delivery Guest Post

Jun 19 2017

Have you ever wanted to leave a message for someone without needing to talk to them right away? Ringless voicemail is your solution. Leave a message immediately for someone without the call going directly to their phone. It can also take out those pesky unnecessary interruptions, and it increases the likelihood of a callback. The caller is free to listen to the message at their leisure, retrieve the necessary information and get back to you when it is most convenient to them. This unobtrusive lead generation tool is great for increasing sales. How? The sales process is on the client’s terms. They have control of the information and the ability to schedule their callback.

The Benefits of Ringless Voicemail

It is a direct way to contact customers about your sales, your coupons or other special offers. Everyone checks their voicemail. Plus, no one can resist a message. Who is it from? What do they need to tell me? It’s almost like opening a gift. Similar to receiving a letter, they can’t help but open it. Here are other benefits.:

  1. Messages are dealt with in the user’s free time.

    They can listen to the voicemail when they have the free time and thus do not feel forced to listen. This increases the likelihood that they will be able to receive and process the information—then, get back to you. When someone receives a call during work or when they are busy, they just want to get off the phone and are not always able to listen, receive and respond to the information. This is true even for a client who would be interested at a later time, that’s more convenient to them. Do your part, and make it more convenient to them. The benefit is this will rapidly increase your results.

  2. Ringless voicemail works similar to email but is more effective.

    Your voice allows your customers to hear your passion and your desire to help them. Your point is made in a way that could ramp up business. If nothing else, it lets them know what your message is in a more personal, direct way.

  3. It’s a great tool to efficiently send out mass messages.

    Is work canceled today due to inclement weather? Use ringless voicemail to tell your work crew. Is there a quick work-related message that needs to go out, but you don’t want all your employees stopping to take a call? Just send them a ringless voicemail to keep them in the loop. These options, and many more are at your figure tips.

  4. No one wants to pay for a telemarketer to call people all day with zero results.

    Instead, you can get the results you need fast. The ringless voicemail will increase productivity and help you meet your business goals and reach the people and clients you need to. The other benefit is that the customer is not charged for the call either.

  5. Think of the limitless possibilities.

    Reach out to as many people as you want. In fact, you can set up future voicemails for any time you wish to send them.

  6. It’s the most productive and efficient way to do business.

    You can reach even further than the regular salesman. A salesperson can only make up to 100 or so calls a day while a ringless voicemail system can reach into the thousands.

How to Make it Work Efficiently & Ensure Delivery

Ringless voicemail cuts out cold calling. Cold calling doesn’t work anyway. Depending on your business and outreach method, it could be cutting into time you could use in better ways to grow your business. Below, you will discover the most efficient ways to use your time and extend your reach.

  1.  Using a ringless voicemail system helps reach your best clients.

    It cuts out the middle man that doesn’t want to hear from you. It puts the control back into the customer’s hands.

  2. Utilizing a “Carrier Certified Delivery System” helps to ensure your messages are actually being delivered.

    Many times, numbers change and are out of date, with the message never reaching the intended person. Nearly 25% of phone numbers change each year in highly populated cities. This system can ensure that 80% of deliverable numbers receive the voicemail. As a result, the message is verified to guarantee receipt at both the beginning and end of  delivery.

  3.  Once your message is delivered successfully, now is the time to get the callbacks you have been anticipating.

    Be sure to set up your call center or associates to best receive the follow-up calls. Most of the calls will be returned within 2 or 3 hours of the voicemail delivery.

It is imperative to determine the likeliest time frame when you can expect callbacks and set up your call system so that you are able to field all those calls. No one wants to call back only to receive a busy signal or recording. Configure your ringless voicemail system to ensure that all calls can be answered in a timely fashion, meeting your business goals. Set yourself up for success as you get those returned calls you’ve been waiting for.

The phone rings. Your client is calling back with the information you need. The results are in. Ding, ding, ding–ringless voicemail for the win! Your client is reaching out to you instead of you endlessly chasing them down. Ringless voicemail allows the client or customer to call you back when it is most convenient for them, improving your business relationship and increasing your results. Now is the time to set up your ringless voicemail, and get the calls you’ve been expecting.

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