Red Flag Email Addresses

Oct 19 2015

The truth is not all email addresses you are collecting on your website are safe for you to send emails to. There are many harmful email addresses scattered amongst the web that you would have no idea they could do damage to your business unless you have an email verification service. A simple email address such as is one of the millions we have in our suppression file.

Sure, the email address is likely to be registered, but that email address may belong to a known litigator looking to see what mistakes your mailing department might make and go after you with a lawsuit. That one email address could belong to a fraudster who did $2,300 in chargebacks against another company similar to yours. That one email address might be one, which could cause your sender score to drop significantly. This is not the email address you want in your database.

Why would you want to collect potentially dangerous email ids? The answer is you don’t! It is always better to play it safe than to be sorry you did not. Email verification software should not just stop at identifying if the email addresses is registered, it needs to identify and remove email addresses that could be damaging. Xverify goes the extra step to identify both invalid and high risk email addresses.

If you want to verify your email addresses at point of entry or if you want to upload a file for bulk email verification our email verification software has you covered. Eliminate your hard bounces, reduce your spam complaints, and minimize fraud with one simple to use tool. What is holding you back from implementing email verification today?

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