Don’t treat email capture like Pokémon

Jul 18 2016


Pokémon keeps telling everyone to catch them all. However, when it comes to acquiring leads you might want to think twice before impulsively listening to that advice. Marketers know that not all email addresses captured, or purchased are quality. On average, many marketers find between 15-18% of email data collected is invalid. Invalid rates are on the rise like the Pokémon GO excitement.

Invalid data might be seeping into your marketing funnel via typos, or spam-bots. The damage is done once you start sending off email blasts and hitting bounce-backs. Hard bounces can  ruin your reputation, you should put some layers of protection in place to validate incoming data. It’s okay not to catch them all, but only the “super-effective” ones!

Speaking of ‘catch-all’, does your database contain mostly B2B data? On average 30% of the business data you have is setup as a catch-all account. Catch-All is a configuration on corporate email servers. It retains a copy of your email on the server even when the mailbox is not a real registered account. This reduces load on the server by not requiring the server to send back a hard bounce message. However, we will help you identify domains which are setup as catch-all. This way you can choose to mail to them or remove them from your list.

XVerify can easily implement with your landing page, and in real time check to identify if the username of an email account is really registered at that domain. This way you know which ones are legit and which ones are garbage. We also identify dangerous email addresses that could belong to known litigators or online-fraudsters. Protecting your data investment is one way that you can protect your sender score to promote higher rates of inbox deliverability.

Keep in mind your data quality is important, and you need to Weedle through your list before you send. So when you are out there in the world chasing Pikachu, and catch a Caterpie think about XVerify.

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