Phone Confirm: Two Step Authentication

Aug 10 2015

Phone Confirm Solution

Many companies such as Facebook, Amazon, Paypal, LinkedIn, and more are jumping on the bandwagon and have implemented Two-Factor Authentication. It is a way to add a layer of security to your company’s website and help gain the trust of your users. Instead of trying to make your passwords more complex or having to use a password generator to output a random string of letters, characters and punctuation you may actually prefer to use this two-step process.
The way it works is that when you as a user go to login to the website, you will need more than just your password to gain access. It takes the information of what you already know (your password) and a tangible item you own such as a security token or your smartphone. For example, it is likely your own personal bank already has dual authentication in place, you attempt to log in with your password then they ask to send you a text or an email with a secret code inside. Once you retrieve the “secret code” which is randomly generated and you then plug it back in to the website and continue your login process.
Another common example is the ATM machine, first you have to have your debit card then you also need to have your PIN number. However, with this method it is not as secure because both inputs are typically static. If you utilize a security token or you are sent a text of random generated code to your phone it would minimize risk, because the codes are constantly changing. Perhaps if more companies were using this method it would cut down on security breaches.
XVerify offers a solution, which we currently call our phone confirm method. Depending on the way you implement the tools they can solve multiple problems. If you want to add a measure of security to your website by enabling two-factor authentication, you can set it up in such a way that we call or text your customer a unique PIN number. They must input the correct PIN number in order to proceed.
Another way our clients utilize the phone confirm solution is to validate that the customer has provided you with a real phone number that belongs to them. When our clients purchase leads especially in the insurance, or finance vertical they cost a lot of money some leads can even exceed $50 each. This is why it is important to make sure the customer or data supplier is providing quality contact data and not trying to scam. XVerify will be there to instantly send a phone call or text message to the user immediately after supplying their phone number, this way if the user did not enter the right PIN number or complete the verification you know which leads are eligible for rejection.
Bottom line is that you should be increasing security on your site and protecting your investments. We would be more than happy to show you how our phone confirm solution works and show you how you can implement it on your own website. Give us a call at 1-866-903-9164 and ask for a demonstration today.

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