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Hidden Messages in an Email Address

Email addresses are very personalized, and they are a reflection of you whether you realize it or not. So, for a marketer how can this be useful? It’s more useful because they are learning more things about you than you need to tell them. This makes it easier to create targeted emails based on a few assumptions. When you can create more relevant content then you have a higher chance your audience will engage with …

March 14, 2018
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email clean up

Perform an Email Clean Up and Get Organized

Are you one of those marketers who has a monster size list? Then it could be the perfect time to do an email clean up. Having one big list can create a world of complications. Plus, you know sending one mass email campaign never gets as many opens and clicks because they are not very personalized. When you downsize your email list, don’t think of it as eliminating the number of subscribers. Think of downsizing …

March 01, 2018
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happy birthday email

A Simple Happy Birthday Email Boosts Open Rates

Birthdays are that fabulous love/hate time of year where you can’t stand getting a year older, but you love having cake and getting special attention. Even, if that special attention is simply getting a happy birthday email containing a mouth-watering visual cupcake and a coupon. Email Facts: According to a study performed by Experian … Birthday emails return 481% higher transaction rates when compared to standard promotions. A happy birthday email is known to generate …

February 20, 2018
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How to Lower Your Email Unsubscribe Rate

When was the last time you kept an eye on your email unsubscribe rate? It’s important to monitor this statistic in addition to your open rates and click-throughs because it’s like early warning signs for a deadly disease. The higher your unsubscribe rate gets means less engagement from your list. Unsubscribes can damage your reputation because it sends a signal to the email providers that their users do not like your content. Once they start …

February 02, 2018
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Facebook Advertising Strategies

Facebook Advertising Strategies to Gain More Subscribers

Of course, you have a personal Facebook account, but have you setup a Facebook business page or group to drive more traffic over to your site? Have you yet started to dabble in running Facebook advertising strategies? Facebook is a powerful beast when it comes to marketing, and if you don’t know what you are doing you could just be flushing hundreds and thousands of dollars down the toilet. What you need is a solid …

January 09, 2018
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How Email Verification Differs From Validation

Email Verification Vs. Validation: The Differences You Need To Know There’s a lot of “noise” out there about the importance of building email lists for marketing purposes. Sales teams clamor to find new ways to encourage site visitors to provide their email address in exchange for registration privileges, freebies or information. There are also plenty of places for site owners and salespeople to buy sales lead information such as emails, mailing addresses and phone numbers. …

December 04, 2017
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Getting and Cleaning Data: 5 Ways to Inform Marketing

Any successful business knows that data is king. The more data you have, the better marketing decisions you make and the more success a business can have. The importance of data cannot be understated. That being said, for those of us just diving into data, it’s easy to drown. How do you gather data? And how do you know the data is valuable? Getting and cleaning data are the two most critical parts of your …

November 15, 2017
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10 Holiday Email Campaigns Tips

With Halloween in our rear view, the holiday season, and all the marketing opportunities within it, is our main focus. Admittedly, I’m a total holiday lover. Once the clock turns to midnight on October 31st , I decorate my house, start blasting carols and dress exclusively in ugly sweaters. Even those of us that aren’t holiday crazy, this time of year opens up unique opportunities in email marketing. You can connect with users and capitalize …

November 07, 2017
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Anti-Phishing and Email Protection

There’s a big learning curve in adjusting to the digital age. From managing the influx of data to flowing with the constant trend changes and new channels for ad distribution, it’s a lot to handle. And while many aspects of digital media are mastered, one thing that has failed to keep up is email protections. Considering the broad scope of email related threats, and the high cost related to those threats, it’s surprising there hasn’t …

October 30, 2017
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5 Quick Ways to Grow Your Email Marketing List

Growing your email list has the potential for great rewards, from a bigger customer base to stronger revenue. There are many ways to expand your list, but some tactics can be time intensive to implement. Don’t learn the hard way which ideas are time wasters and which are worth it. Instead, find success with these five methods to grow your email list. When it comes to payoff for time spent, these techniques will add subscribers without …

October 23, 2017
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