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Email Automation for Customer Engagement

Consumers do not want a one-size fits all email. If your emails don’t appeal to them, they will unsubscribe. You want to make them feel like you are listening to their wants and needs. Here are some smart ways that you can improve customer satisfaction and subscriber engagement rates by simply using email automation. Happy Birthday Emails No matter what kind of website you are running, you can easily wish them a Happy Birthday. This is …

August 07, 2017
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Why is Your Email Sent to Spam?

So you’ve put together your email campaign, and sent it out. Now all you have to do is wait to see those click through rates to soar, those leads to filter in and your sales to sky rocket. But somethings wrong. You aren’t getting any clicks, opens and very few sales. What’s the problem? Chance are you’re content is seen as email spam. New email marketers can find themselves in this situation all too often. …

July 31, 2017
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XVerify Will Be At Affiliate Summit Demo Day

From July 30 to August 1 in New York City, digital marketers from across the globe will meet at the Affiliate Summit East. This event gathers marketers from over 70 countries to meet and discuss all things digital marketing and marketing tools. To truly emphasize revolutionary tools in the space, the Summit is exhibiting those tools at Demo Day. Demo Day Demo Day features demonstrations from top marketing tools and companies. The event takes place …

July 24, 2017
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Data Protection: A Guide to Email Security

You’ll hear us talk a lot about data here. You might even say it’s our favorite subject. But there’s a good reason for that. In the age of inbound marketing, data is your key to success. The more you know about your users, the more of an impact you can have with them. To make sure your marketing dollars are spent well, you have to protect your data so that your campaigns are user on …

July 17, 2017
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5 Ways to Optimize Your Call to Action

Call to actions are used to entice users to sign up for your email list. Gaining access to your user’s emails allows you to create brand loyalty and build a relationship with your users. The effectiveness of email marketing makes your call to action a very important part of your site. There are plenty of examples of extremely well done call to actions. Each of these unique call to actions have the same five elements. …

July 10, 2017
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Why It’s Important to Validate Your Email List

The quality of your email list should be at the top of your marketing checklist. Why is that? It’s because emails have proven to be one of the most effective tools for your marketing campaign. A study by the Data & Marketing Association, a shocking “60% of online consumers made a purchase as a result of an email marketing message”. That statistic is impressive, but what might be even more impressive is the study that …

July 03, 2017
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Top Email Tools and Resources

As you start in on your email marketing campaign, it’s important to stay informed. Knowledge is power in this game, and with email marketing, there is a lot of knowledge out there for you to use. From tools to insightful articles, the internet is full of useful tools and tricks to help you dominate your email campaign. But sorting through all of those resources takes time and energy, two things most marketers don’t have an …

June 26, 2017
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Ringless Voicemail-How to Ensure Your Message Delivery Guest Post

Have you ever wanted to leave a message for someone without needing to talk to them right away? Ringless voicemail is your solution. Leave a message immediately for someone without the call going directly to their phone. It can also take out those pesky unnecessary interruptions, and it increases the likelihood of a callback. The caller is free to listen to the message at their leisure, retrieve the necessary information and get back to you when it …

June 19, 2017
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Single Vs. Double Opt In

“Double opt in is the only way to go!” “Single opt in is without a doubt the most efficient method.” Every email marketer has an opinion on which opt in process is better; but which method is actually better? What will lead to a higher ROI for your email campaigns and media buying budget? First we must understand what ‘Single Opt In’ and ‘Double Opt In’ mean. What is a Single Opt In Email Sign-Up? …

June 12, 2017
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How to Increase Email Capture with Lead Magnets- Guest Post

One of the most accessible ways for digital marketers to create more opportunities is through email lead capture. Email still remains king when it comes to marketing ROI and if it’s not a pillar of your digital marketing strategy, it needs to be. In this post, we take a look at lead magnets, the simplest way to convert your daily website traffic into qualified leads. A lead magnet, also called gated content, is generally a …

June 05, 2017
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