How to Optimize Your Digital Strategy for Mobile Marketing

Sep 23 2019

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If you haven’t included mobile marketing in your strategy yet, now is the time. After all, 80% of shoppers make purchases on their phones and more than 40% of online transactions happen on mobile devices. Ideally, your strategy must include mobile marketing to tap in today’s consumer segment. 



The biggest question on every company’s mind is “how to start?” In this blog, we’ll give you the essential steps to optimize your digital strategy with mobile marketing.


The Dangers of Not Optimizing for Mobile Marketing


One of the reasons mobile marketing fails is due to business owners or marketers overlooking the customer. You must always remember who you’re marketing to, and the key to success is  knowing what your prospects search for, what type of devices they use, and even their past campaign engagement. 


If you want success for your mobile-optimized video, location-based tagging, or SMS coupons, you need to know your audience. Failure to include your customers in your mobile marketing campaign will drive them away instead of attracting them. On that note, what optimization strategies will help make your mobile users happy? 


Design Your Mobile-Optimized Website


Start optimizing your strategy for mobile users by checking if your website is mobile-friendly. Ensure your customers can find your site easily, both via organic and paid search, then work on developing a mobile-responsive design. Make sure it looks good no matter the mobile device and that customers don’t experience any technical issues. Any problem should be your priority.


Optimize Landing Pages for Mobile Devices


Your landing page is one of the deciding factors that convinces a site visitor to stay or not. If your landing page is just generally not user friendly – difficult to read, navigate, or submit a form – your prospects will never convert. Most of your customers are mobile users, so a landing page that isn’t optimized for mobile devices won’t make them stay. Make sure that the most critical features of your page work well on mobile devices. 


Develop a Mobile App


If you have a mobile app, your customers’ lives will be miles easier. Apps can increase customer interaction and improve their experience. Your customers will also have easier access to your business or store, allowing you to communicate with them directly. One high-conversion tactic to test out is exclusive, location-based perks through the app. 


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Create Mobile-Friendly Referral Programs


Fun fact: 9 out of 10 people refer a brand after a positive experience on mobile.  This just goes to show that you can’t overlook the potential an excellent customer referral program optimized for mobile devices has for your business. If you have an app, and a referral program, ensure your customers can find your referral program within just a few taps. This makes it much easier to spread the word about your brand. 


Include Voice Search in Strategy


Voice search is becoming increasingly popular, so it would greatly benefit your brand to include it in your strategy. One thing to remember about voice search is that it  generally only provides the first page of answers. That said, a great local SEO campaign including voice search queries can place your business at the top of the results. 


Create a Social Media Account


Social media presence is, without a doubt, critical for lead generation and interaction with prospects. Moreover, you have varying social media platforms to help increase your brand awareness. Therefore, creating an account not only on Facebook but on all other relevant platforms is a fantastic mobile marketing strategy. You don’t have to be in every social media channel, but just those where your audience is. 

Send Personal Emails Optimized for Mobile Devices


Don’t forget to optimize your emails for mobile devices, especially as more people use their phones to check their inboxes. According to ConvertKit review, email marketing automation is a core marketing strategy, but it’s not enough to just send emails to your customers. Sending personalized letters with engaging, relevant content to verified email addresses helps your mobile responsive design create a great customer experience and keeps your emails out of the junk folder.


When implemented together, these tips will significantly improve your marketing strategy and drive real profit to your business, and email verification can help in all of the above tactics. Include them in your campaign and see a remarkable improvement in your bottom line! 


This is a guest blog for Xverify written by Lidia S. Hovhan. Lidia is a Digital Marketing expert and SEO guru. She contributes articles about how to integrate digital marketing strategy with traditional marketing to help business owners to meet their online goals. You can find professional insights in her writings.

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