Migrating Subscribers From Email to Mobile

Feb 25 2016

Generating website leads is an art form, but when done properly, you’re left with a large contact list and multiple ways to connect with the user. Email marketing is certainly still a powerhouse when wanting to communicate with your customers, but moving to a more mobile-friendly marketing method such as SMS can help you stand out. Take a moment to consider your own email account. Have you owned that email ID for 5 years or more? When asked at

point of sale or on an internet website, do you end up providing that email address? Just how many companies a year do you fork over your email address to?
When you look at email marketing as a consumer you start to realize that your inbox is probably overflowing with offers that you simply skim through, delete, or leave unread. Personally, when I look at my inbox I have over 25,000 unread messages in there. I try to just get to the important stuff and skip over all the other unless I have something specific in mind that I want to buy. So, how do you really capture your subscriber’s attention?

Start to transition some of your messages over to SMS or MMS messaging. I get weekly text messages from retailers like Sears and food chains like Subway. My phone vibrates differently and therefore, I’m conditioned to actually look at my device as it could be a message from a friend or family member. This gets you directly in front of your audience. Plus, if many of your competitors have not yet jumped on board with mobile messaging this could be a prime window of opportunity to put the spotlight on your company.

So how can you get users to join your mobile text messaging list? The best way is to get them to send a text directly to your short code with a keyword. By using different keywords you can identify which method of advertising is working best for you. For example, if you have a sign posted in your store you would want to use a different keyword than a keyword on your digital ad so you can see which one is generating more opt-ins.

When trying to get people to opt-in directly give them something exclusive. Provide them with value add or a coupon deal to entice them to allow you to send texts. Many companies run free samples, or giveaways when new customers join their ‘mobile-club’. Find something that will work for your audience. Make sure you also clearly state the maximum number of text messages they will receive in a month, and always have opt-out instructions available.

The big question is how can you try to convert your email subscribers over to SMS subscribers? We would suggest you run a special promotion and ask them to click on a link from the email and drive them into a landing page where you ask them to supply their mobile phone number. The reason why I am suggesting doing it this way is so that you can link the phone number up to the email account they already have with you. Then as soon as they enter their email address, send them a text they MUST reply to before you add them to your SMS campaigns. This way they are more like a double-opt-in.

It is also important that you should validate the phone numbers that you collect as some people may accidentally plug in a bad phone number, or they might try to give you their landline that will not be able to receive texts. Just like how you might occasionally face frustrations with typos and hard bounces in email accounts you collect the same frustrations can happen with phone numbers if you are not having data verification’s put in place.

Text messaging can also be another option to expand your email list. If you listen to the radio they never tell you “email us at…. To win tickets” they say “text code word ROBOT to 99999” so if you are running radio promos you can instantly fire back a text asking the user to also provide you with their email address. This is a win-win situation because you can now market to them using two different types of media.

Stop delaying, the time is now to just jump in and start setting up your SMS or MMS marketing campaign. For all Just make sure you are using the best practices and are always provide clear instructions to your users on how to opt-out. If you would like to get more information on verifying your email addresses or phone numbers send us an email to sales@xverify.com

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