How to Lower Your Email Unsubscribe Rate

Feb 02 2018

When was the last time you kept an eye on your email unsubscribe rate? It’s important to monitor this statistic in addition to your open rates and click-throughs because it’s like early warning signs for a deadly disease.

The higher your unsubscribe rate gets means less engagement from your list. Unsubscribes can damage your reputation because it sends a signal to the email providers that their users do not like your content. Once they start seeing more of their users opting out of your emails, they will begin to just push all of your content into the spam folder.

So, what are some of the things you can do to prevent your unsubscribe rate from getting too much to manage? First, when you use our tools at XVerify we help you identify email addresses of known complainers. These are going to be the users who instead of simply unsubscribing they click the spam button. This is going to help you immediately cut back on unsubscribes by not adding complainers into your mailing database.

However, if you are seeing a trend of your complaint rate and your unsubscribe rate increase this could mean that you need to do something about your content. Users are thinking your message is spam or invaluable. You need to share things that the end user values, and keep in mind emails should not be one size fits all. It is good to make things a little more customized.

Also consider the reasons the users might no longer be wanting your emails. It might have to do with your business model. For example, if you are a mortgage company perhaps users no longer want to receive your emails after they close on their house. Or, for example, let’s say you are a car dealership users might unsubscribe once they purchase a car or maybe decide they are no longer in the market. Surveys have also said that 50% of unsubscribing is due to getting irrelevant emails.

Always do your best to keep your content fresh and keep your users engaged. Identify the true reason why the users are unsubscribing by asking them why they want to opt-out. Another great idea is simply giving them an opportunity to update their preferences. Sometimes just by giving the user options can help you save an unsubscribe from occurring.

Best practices for your unsubscribe link:

  • Make your unsubscribe link easy to find

  • Do not require users to login just to unsubscribe

  • Offer to send less emails instead of opt-out only

  • Ask the user to follow you on social media

  • Never send an email notification that they have successfully unsubscribed

  • One click unsubscribes rule

  • Provide details about how the user got on your list

  • Survey users to find out why they are unsubscribing

  • Ask users who have been inactive to unsubscribe

  • Unsubscribe users rather quickly, don’t wait around

  • Provide users the opportunity to change their email address

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