Is your Website Email Blind?

Jul 23 2015

Is your website email blind? Sounds like a dumb question right!

Many companies in fact are email blind. They blindly accept any email address a lead, bot, or fraudster may be entering. Unfortunately, in many cases bad email addresses go un-detected until it is too late. It is like a blind man walking down the road without his walking stick and suddenly stumbles over a pothole.

Typos are a prevalent issue, especially when you are receiving mobile traffic. In general, most companies find that 15-18% of the email data they receive is junk. Those percentages are even higher depending on the type of vertical your business is in and how aggressively you are media buying. So, what can be done to add some sensory to your site?
Email verification is a way to sense and detect which email addresses are good, and then weed out the bad. It is a check to identify if the user name actually exists at the domain. It can function directly on your own web form via Javascript to alert users when they plug in an email address that does not exist. If it is a genuine lead, in most cases, the error is because of an unintentional typo and you can bring the error to their attention so they can fix it. For example, you might have thought should be an acceptable email address. When we validated it does not exist, so we notify the user the email address is not good so that user updates it to, which is a real account.
Perhaps you want to operate completely behind the scenes so that the user has no idea their information is being validated. Maybe you just want to have a little red flag when email addresses are bad so that you can push only the good ones into your marketing funnel and erase the bad ones. We can do that too with our API.
Don’t get fooled by lower cost solutions that may just push your list through a syntax check and a database lookup of email addresses that have previously hard bounced. The level of protection is far inferior to identifying instantly is the email address is registered at the domain.
Want to see if it is worth it? Ask us for a demo gain access to testing out some of your very own email addresses. It’s going to make a significant difference on your site.

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