Instant V.S. Batch Processing

Aug 28 2013

At XVerify we offer both real time data verification and batch processing. So what is the difference and what are the pros and cons? Instant data verification will help you immediately determine if an email address is good or bad as you are acquiring the lead. While batch processing can help you identify if the contact details that you already have in your database are good or bad.

When utilizing real time or instant data verification our clients can either implement our Javascript or validation into their landing pages or they can tap into our API. When using real time data verification many of the responses will come back in milliseconds, however it is possible to see on occasion results that can take a few seconds to retrieve. Speeds vary depending upon the domain of the email address being validated or the current load on that particular domains email server could result in longer response times.

Batch processing is a great option if you do not have a lot of technical resources, or perhaps you are just looking to cleanse data that is already in your database. When doing a batch upload we only ask that your file be in a .CSV format, and your first record of your file have the word “email” if you are looking to batch cleanse email addresses. With our batch cleansing process files will also return to you quickly. Sometimes files may take a bit longer to receive back if there are a lot of files in the queue. Because XVerify focuses more on live data verification we process batch files in order in which they are received. However, or demand for batch files are growing which is great and we are improving our batch processing to handle multiple files and give them back at faster turnaround times.

While both services provide the same level of accuracy we always recommend going with real time data verification via our API. The API will help you get a faster and more detailed explanation of why your contact details are not valid. This way you can have your own tech team interpret our response codes and create your own custom use case flows for your own business model.


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