Ways to Improve Email Capture.

Sep 11 2015

Building an email list is difficult. People come and go, taking a look at your site and then flutter off to some other corner of the internet possibly never to return. You want their email address so that you can engage directly to them, give them what they want, and keep them coming back for more. So what can you do to capture their email?

Have good content. Also have content that people will want more of.
The first step to capturing more emails is the bait. You’ve got to get them to show up in order to capture their email. Whether it is a blog post, a product, news article, coupon, or whatever, there has to be content to bring the potential subscriber to your page. Stay relevant. You should definitely keep an eye on new content trends. If your content looks ten years old people are less likely to see you as having cutting edge content. Once you’ve given them good content then you need to promise them more of it if they sign up with their email address.

Give and get
Use an online contest or giveaway to capture email addresses. Have a free eBook, an exclusive deal, or a prize drawing that people can get if they sign up with their email address. People like to get stuff, and if they are looking for your email to get it, then you have them engaging with you.

Use real-time verification
You don’t want to lose a potential subscriber due to a simple typo. When you use real-time email verification you can alert the user that they have entered an invalid email address and allow them to enter a correct email address. This will also protect you from people who just want to get through to your content and provide dummy email addresses. Real-time email verification “alerts & converts” your potential subscribers while protecting you from bad email leads.

Links to offers throughout your site
Make it easy for them to give you their email address. When people click on your link, you should have a landing page to capture email addresses. On your website, a permanent side bar or top bar to place email addresses is a good idea too. Anywhere there is a new piece of content on your site should also have a form to sign up for more.

Don’t ask for more than you need.

People are reluctant to give up any personal information. If you are not going to send them mail, don’t ask for their address. If you are not going to call them, don’t ask for a phone number. You’ll probably scare off a lot of potential subscribers by asking them for too much. So if email is all you really want, you’ll capture more by asking only for that.

Popup when user’s leave your page
You can create a popup message on your page that appears when someone goes to leave your page. Basically thank them for their time and ask them to sign up for more information. This method captures a lot of emails if the person liked what you had to say. Avoid popping up new windows as a lot of browsers automatically block popup windows. Also, avoid pop-unders as people might avoid you out of spite.

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