Why It’s Important to Validate Your Email List

Jul 03 2017


The quality of your email list should be at the top of your marketing checklist. Why is that? It’s because emails have proven to be one of the most effective tools for your marketing campaign. A study by the Data & Marketing Association, a shocking “60% of online consumers made a purchase as a result of an email marketing message”.

That statistic is impressive, but what might be even more impressive is the study that shows that “For every $1 spent, email marketing generates $38 in ROI.” Making email the most effective way to gain a return on your marketing investment. You email campaign has the potential to benefit your marketing campaign in a number of ways.

Benefits of Email Lists

An opt in email list helps you figure out who is visiting your site. Normally, users are completely anonymous, but when they opt in to your email campaign, you gain access to their information. This can help you learn more about your users to better inform marketing and branding decisions to better connect to your audience.

Members of your email list are also more likely to return to your site. This helps increase return traffic to your page and builds brand loyalty. By including share buttons throughout your emails, you can also gain additional traffic from social shares. Building your list through your current email users is a great way to organically attract customers.

Your email list can also help you receive more sales with abandoned cart reminders. When a user leaves a cart full of products, you lose money. But not everyone intentionally leaves their cart. Sometimes they get distracted or busy or they connection fails. Whatever the reason, completely losing these sales can put a real dent in your business.

That’s where the cart abandonment campaign comes in handy. A simple reminder email can reignite the users interest in their once pined after items. This increases the chances that the user will complete their purchase or at the very least return to your site to see what’s new. Both option increase sales opportunities and views on the page.

Risks of Invalid Email Lists

As you can see, a valid, active email list can help build your business and create loyal followers. But what happens if your email list isn’t valid? Sending emails to invalid addresses leaves your email list open to a variety of dangers. Invalid emails will result in hard bounces, negatively effecting your sender score and putting your emails at risk of landing in the spam folder.

Even more concerning is the possibility of linking your domain with a spam email address. Spammers set up fake email accounts to negatively affect domains by gaining access to their page and taking their emails. This links your domain to a dangerous email, and email service providers (or ESPs) will take notice. Having a big black mark on your sending record, like sending emails to spam accounts, makes you look dangerous to ESPs.

When your domain looks hazardous, in an effort to protect their users, ESPs will block your domain. This will either send you directly to spam, or get you black listed. Both of these outcomes aren’t ideal. Blacklisting and spam redirects mean your messages are never seen by users. Missed messages are missed opportunities to gain a loyal user and increase sales. If you aren’t regularly checking your deliverability, you could miss these redirects and be unable to effectively change the course of your sender score.

The best plan of action is to stop false or dangerous emails from making their way on to your email list. By implementing a real time email verifier on your site, you can check emails as they’re taken, stopping false emails in their track. For the list you already have, be sure to use our bulk email upload option. This process allows you to check large quantities of emails to separate or delete invalid, dangerous emails before they have a chance to negatively effect your sender score. Make sure you’re making the most out of your digital marketing campaign by verifying your email list!

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