How To: Get Removed From a Blacklist

Jun 22 2015

So… you landed on a blacklist. Your email campaigns have come to a screeching halt and you are wondering ‘How did this happen?’ There are countless ways that it could have happened. But let’s start with how to get your name removed from that blacklist.

How to Get Your IP and Domain Removed from an Email Blacklist

First, you need to check all of the blacklists that your sending IP address and domain are currently on. You can do that using our free tool that will give you a list of every blacklist your IP is listed on across the internet.

Once you figure out which blacklists you are listed on, then you have the arduous task of going through all of the different blacklist websites and figuring out how to remove yourself from the list. This can be as simple as filling out a removal form. Other blacklists are set up differently. For these lists, all you can do is wait to get your IP removed from the blacklist. This can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks.

A typical blacklisting lasts between 3-7 days. However, some are known to last up to 15 days. Many blacklists give you an opportunity to request a delisting rather than waiting X number of days for the auto-delisting process. When you have automatic monitoring in place for your mailing IPs, you can get an instant email notification of which IP address is having problems. This way you can pause your email campaigns going out from that specific IP address to avoid a delivery failure.

Once you are aware of which IP address is a problem for you, you can then request for delisting. Keep in mind, if you do not remedy the situation which caused you to be blacklisted in the first place, you will continue to be blacklisted. If you request too many de-listings from the same IP address,you could be permanently listed. A permanent listing means they will deny your request for any more de-listings.
So now that you know how to get delisted, let us focus on the other question…

How Did You Get Blacklisted?

If you are able to find out why you were blacklisted ,you can get yourself off the list and stop your site from getting relisted. When you start looking at why you were listed, you should make sure your network and mail server are configured correctly. Make sure all the details are in line for resolving issues, as prescribed by the blacklist that you are listed on. For example, they may ask you to check your SMTP banners, or edit your reverse and forward DNS records.

Reasons why you could have been blacklisted:
• Your Domain is hosting Malware
• Sent to too many Spam trap emails
• Your mail system is hosting an open relay
• You purchased a bad list full of spam trap emails
• You spam messaged your current list

Once you figure out why you were blacklisted, make the necessary changes then fill out the forms to get yourself off of the blacklist. If you truly did nothing wrong and made an honest mistake, let the Blacklist managers know that you made an honest mistake. The more open and direct with them you are the better. Being upfront with a blacklist will likely speed up the delisting process.

Keep in mind that their job is to eliminate spam and malicious emails from making it into innocent users’ inboxes. Spam is a large problem, and they are helping the world prevent cyber crime; so, though it may be inconvenient for you, they are only here to help email users have a safer inbox.

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