Ask for Action – How to Get More Email Subscribers

Apr 12 2016

how to get more email subscribers

Want to know how to get more email subscribers?

Interested in gaining more subscribers to your email list but not sure exactly where to start? Think about the email list you already have, and what it can do for you.

Subscribers/customers, who you have previously built a reputation with, already love you. You can see that in your campaign reports of openers and clickers, and you do not have to convince them what you are doing is great because they already know it.

How to get more email subscribers by tapping into the resources you already have? You can ask your users to take action. You can request that they share your content on social media, which can gain you more exposure. The more exposure you get the more new visitors who come to your site and the more emails you can potentially capture.

Now, when I say, “ask them to share on social media”, I don’t mean put your social share button out there and cross your fingers. Every site has social share buttons, but realistically they are not used so much unless your content is highly compelling. My recommendation is to send off your email and request users to socially share some specific content but give them an incentive to do it.

1. Share on Twitter and I will Send you my latest e-book about…
                Tell them specifically where you would like them to share your content, then tell them what they will get for doing that for you. If it is a tweet ask them to tag your twitter handle so you know they shared and can easily send them back the information you promised to provide. Come up with your own high-value item that you can use as a free giveaway when they take action.

    1. Forward your email to Friends to get a discount code

                Remember back a few years ago, when you would get those chain-letter forwards from friends? They would always over promise and under-deliver. You can use the same concept but make sure you make the promise and keep the promise. For example, you can tell them to forward your email to 5 friends and make sure you COPY a “specific” email address to get an email back with your secret discount code. This is a great way to get more email subscribers.

    1. Ask them to Join a Giveaway using a tool like Rafflecoptor.

                Rafflecoptor is a great way to get your visitors to promote your site while they get an opportunity to win a cool prize. Using Rafflecoptor is great because it collects email addresses for you, can request your users to post a tweet on twitter, publish a link on facebook etc. and you get a log of what actions the user took. Then when your contest ends you can randomly select a winner.

Here were just a few creative examples that you can do to get your existing subscribers to share your message with their friends or followers. So, keep thinking and keep doing. Setup your next email campaign to ask your subscribers to help you share your vision, and give them something rewarding in return.

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