A Simple Happy Birthday Email Boosts Open Rates

Feb 20 2018

happy birthday email

Birthdays are that fabulous love/hate time of year where you can’t stand getting a year older, but you love having cake and getting special attention. Even, if that special attention is simply getting a happy birthday email containing a mouth-watering visual cupcake and a coupon.

Email Facts: According to a study performed by Experian …

  • Birthday emails return 481% higher transaction rates when compared to standard promotions.

  • A happy birthday email is known to generate 179% higher unique click rate.

Start Collecting Birthday Data

If you are ready to start seeing a boost in your email open rate you need to start collecting data about your users to find out when it is their birthday. You can do this in a few ways.

  • Collect data during the registration process

    You can collect details about your subscribers during the sign-up process, by asking them to provide their date of birth. This is the best for getting the information out of new subscribers, but it is not going to help you with obtaining birthday data for past subscribers.

  • Send out a survey to collect more responses.

    Send out a targeted email to subscribers who did not provide their date of birth information and ask them to share more information. A survey is a quick and friendly way to start a conversation with your user providing you with opportunities to learn more.

  • Social media birthdate details.

    Most people on facebook input their date of birth details when they set up an account. You can check out your friend’s list and directly get an idea of when their birthdays are. That might be more manual labor, but another option is to create a sign-up page directly on your Facebook page which allows you to capture this data.

  • Append data to your list.

    You can work with data companies to append additional details of your users based on their email address. This is a good way to fill in gaps in your database so that you can obtain birthday details without needing your users to go through additional steps.

When to Send Off Your Happy Birthday Email

I don’t have any hard facts to back up this plan, but it sure does seem like a fail-proof way to let your subscribers know you did not forget about their special day.

  1. Two weeks before … put together a nice happy birthday email campaign approximately two weeks prior to your users actual birthday. Make sure you tie in a coupon so this way they have time to treat themselves before their birthday. For example, if you are running a clothing shop you could put in your content a $15 coupon off a $50 purchase to buy yourself a new birthday suit.

  2. One week before … use a way to track if the user has used the previous coupon you sent to them, and if not send them a reminder letting them know the coupon is still available. However, if the user has used the coupon you do not need to include them in this special offer.

  3. A Happy Birthday Email on their Birthday. Clearly, you want to make them feel special on their big day. If they did already use their previous coupon then try attaching something else to make them feel good.

Other Tips for Sending A Happy Birthday Email

  • Personalization makes a big difference, you wouldn’t hand someone over a birthday card without signing your name, or addressing the card to them. Put the user’s name in the subject line or write their name on the CTA button.

  • Take advantage of a HALF birthday, send out another email campaign 6 months after their birthday. Tack on another coupon and this is a good way to keep the user engaged.

Overall sending out a birthday message gets a great response. If you are not already collecting DOB data then you should get a jump start on that.

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