5 Halloween Email Marketing Ideas for 2018

Oct 16 2018

Halloween email

Guest Post from Serena Dorf

October is in the vibe of Halloween. As soon as we get into this month, we start thinking about this holiday, which may be the most exciting one of the entire year. It makes us handle autumn better, to say the least.

When people are so excited about something, it’s important to make it part of your marketing campaign. Restaurants, for example, use the Super Bowl as the perfect event for launching promotional campaigns. Americans expect this day with great excitement and anticipation, so businesses benefit from that spirit. Halloween email is no different.

First and foremost, you must make Halloween part of your email marketing campaign. In addition to your website and social media profiles, email serves as a communication tool between you and your target audience. It’s important because it makes communication more personal. You directly address the user and make an offer that’s relevant to their interests.

So how do you introduce Halloween email themes in your email marketing strategy? We’ll suggest 5 fun ways for you to do that.

Create a Creepy Visual Halloween Email

Halloween is about getting people frightened. An email can hardly scare them, but it could at least freak them out with a disturbing visual. This is how Lands’ End, a British retail website did it:

Halloween Email 1

Halloween 2018 Email

These are just clothes arranged in a very creative way. Somehow, the visual manages to look creepy and fun at the same time. The discount code, BOO, adds to the appeal.

This is a very creative approach that makes the email stand out. The color patterns, the arrangements, the discount code… everything screams of Halloween. Needless to say, you must never copy what you find attractive. In marketing, it’s all about getting inspired and coming up with your own, unique approach.

Pay Attention to the Subject Line for a Halloween Email

People’s emails will be full of Halloween-inspired messages. It’s that time of the year, so every other marketing expert or business owner wants to be part of the fun and spending craze.

So what attracts one’s attention in a busy inbox? It’s the subject line.

Here’s a good example of a catchy halloween email subject line:

Halloween Email Subject

It works because it’s clear and it makes a direct offer. Plus, it fits into the screen, so you get its point before you even open the message.

Seriously, think of a crazy good subject line. Brainstorm with the whole team if needed. Team efforts are always a good thing! The marketers from EssayOnTime claim that creative approaches always work best.

Offer Treats with Each Purchase

Why do people love Halloween? Let’s be honest: it’s all about the treats.

So why don’t you offer a bag of sweet treats with each purchase? No matter what you’re selling, this will be a nice addition to the shipment. The offer may last for a week, so it will gain more traction. Only email subscribers will get the special code, but you’ll promote the campaign across social media, too. This will get you more subscribers, and that’s something you always aim for, right?

Take the Visuals Further; Turn Them into Animations

Every other business that sends Halloween-inspired emails will include visuals in them. You can take things further. How about videos, infographics, or animations?

Check out how Hotel Chocolat did it:

Halloween Animation

It’s a really simple animation: just the shadow of a ghost moving behind the treats is enough to bring the Halloween spirit into the campaign.

Since we also mentioned infographics, here is one that took place in GraphicMama’s Halloween campaign:

Halloween Infographic

So when you think of visuals, don’t be narrow-minded.

Offer Halloween-Inspired Products

This holiday is all about thematic parties. People are after treats, decorations, costumes, and other things that help them mark Halloween.

Can you offer such products for them?

If, for example, you own a restaurant business, you can offer meals and desserts with scary decorations. If you sell any types of products, you can include new ones to give credits to the holiday.

Here’s what Starbucks did:

Starbucks Halloween Email

This brand is known for its Halloween specials. This year, the spooky Halloween Hyperlink will get people’s attention.

Since we’re talking about email marketing, the point is clear: you need to find a creative way to include those new products in a promotional message.

Is your business ready for Halloween? You still have some time, so you better start working on those special email messages. Your audience will be thrilled to see some creativity in them!

Serena DorfSerena Dorf is an enthusiastic content writer in Los Angeles. She is thirsty for knowledge and is always on the lookout for amazing writing tips to share with her readers. In her free time, she is reading classic American literature and learning Swedish. Feel free to connect with her on Twitter.

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