Getting Around Google’s Promotions Tab

Apr 18 2016

googles promotions tab

How to avoid the Promotions Tab

Since Google rolled out with its promotions tab it has been said to have reduced the open rates on emails by up to 30%. While this may sound awful there are a few things that you can do.

DRAG AND DROP. The first place I would start is by telling your users to move the email from the promotions tab into the primary tab by simply dragging and dropping. Many people who use their Gmail account every day do not even realize they can drag and drop one message into another tab.

WHITE LIST. After your user signs up for your email list, on the “Thank You” page also display a message asking that they add your email address to their contact list so that you are guaranteed to never end up in the spam filter.

MOBILE OPTIMIZE. The tabs do not affect the mobile environment. You get all of your email messages in one stream and according to a statistic …. 66% of emails are opened on a mobile device. So make sure that your email template is mobile optimized to present the best reader experience.
KEEP CONTENT CONVERSATIONAL. You want to make your email appear more ‘personal’ so when you use your subscriber’s first name in the first line of the email it can help your message have a higher chance it will make it to the primary tab.

REDUCE EXTERNAL LINKS AND IMAGES. When you get emails from stores, they are heavy with bright eye-catching pictures and many links so that you can go out there and purchase products. However, if you are trying to deliver useful content that is relevant to your audience you can keep your email short and sweet while maybe providing one simple call to action URL.

PROMOTIONAL LANGUAGE. Be aware of the language you are using in  your email. Don’t use spammy words or phrases like “make money now” or “lose weight fast”. Make sure that the information you are providing is of high value and you can have promotional content in a blog post that you link them to after they click from the email.

SOME THINGS YOU CANNOT CHANGE. The above are just some tips and guidelines to help boost your chances of making it to the primary tab, however there is no guarantee. Sometimes, there are things that are just out of your control which will cause Google to still place you in the promotions tab. For example when you mail out of an ESP it attaches some markup language that lets mail providers know that your email is part of a mass campaign.

Keep trying your best to improve your delivery. Play around with the different options we just mentioned and don’t forget to test, test, test!

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