Goal Setting for Your Email Campaigns

Jun 11 2015

setting goals

Are you ready to see an improvement on your next several email campaigns? Then it is time to start putting a plan into place to identify your areas of improvement and execute a resolution.

Start with planning
First, look at the last three emails that you sent to a specific list, and then determine the average of your open rates. Next, you are going to want to define how much you want to improve it by and write it down. Do not expect to hit your goal on your next immediate email because Rome wasn’t built in a day, but you will eventually get there.

Cut From Your List
This is going to be the first and most crucial step in seeing an improvement in your email campaign performance, but it also means that it is necessary to cut down on your list size. Let’s say my average open rate right now is 27% but I want to boost it up to 55%. First step I want to do is pull out my last three emails and evaluate which users have not opened any of them, and then boot them off my email list.

While, I was mailing to a list of 367 subscribers I decided to take a look and see who was actually opening with my messages, I only had 158 subscribers who were actually engaging with my mails! Over 50% of my list was not engaging with me, I had to cut them. The next time I go to send an email campaign I will definitely see a major improvement in my overall open rate because of the cut but I will also now begin to see an increase in my deliverability, as ISP’s look on engagement very kindly.

Add to Your List
After you chop your list down to just the recent openers you are going to want to start to slowly add new email addresses to your list so that you can grow it. Each time a new user opts-in to your newsletters add them to this list, but make sure you validate the incoming data first. You don’t want to take in a bunch of bogus email addresses that will bounce and hurt the IP reputation you have been building.

When adding new email addresses to your list it is recommended that you collect the information at point of entry on your website. Do not purchase a list and just add them into your mailing group as this will generate a high amount of spam complaints because the recipients are not familiar with your company, hurting your sender reputation with the internet service providers.

Also, make sure you run a double-opt in campaign so this way it forces the user to confirm they want to receive emails from you and should help you reduce the amount of spam complaints that you get.

Improve Engagement
After you eliminate the non-openers you want to start thinking about how you can improve engagement and get your click rate up. The idea behind email marketing is not only to get recipients to read what you wrote, but also to get the user to take an action such as go back to your website or complete a purchase.

Try to come up with a few options on how you can create more compelling content, and then make sure you include a call to action button. If you are not sure on what will work best for your audience, do some small A/B testing then send out the email campaign that is having better results in your test emails.

Scheduling and Consistency
Scheduling your mails ahead of time is super important. Many email platforms now allow you to send your mail out based on your recipient’s time zone. You may have to do some experimentation with your list first to find out what time of day or day of the week you are getting the most engagement and try to keep sending around that same time regularly.

You also want to keep the number of emails that you send consistent, also. People expect to receive the newspaper every day, but if you have been emailing them only once a week do not make a quick shift to sending them emails everyday. After one month of mailing to your members, they should become familiar with your sending pattern, if you decrease your sends, they may disengage and if you increase your sends, it increases the chance of complaints.

For best performance, you are going to want to repeat these steps regularly. It really depends on how often you are mailing your users but at a minimum, you are going to want to perform this cleanup act at least every quarter.

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