Getting and Cleaning Data: 5 Ways to Inform Marketing

Nov 15 2017

Any successful business knows that data is king. The more data you have, the better marketing decisions you make and the more success a business can have. The importance of data cannot be understated. That being said, for those of us just diving into data, it’s easy to drown. How do you gather data? And how do you know the data is valuable? Getting and cleaning data are the two most critical parts of your business campaign. These five techniques will help you quickly gather data to be cleaned and used in your next big campaign.

1. Active User Data

As the name would indicate, this form of data collection involves some type of activity on the users’ part. It involves asking the user for personal information, and then running that data through a data verification service. Naturally, you should offer the customer some type of incentive for doing so. A common way to do this is by offering a customer loyalty program. When a visitor signs up for the program, they give you their email, address and age. In return they receive a common and the chance to get other deals using the loyalty program. It’s a win, win!

2. Passive User Data

This asks the least of your users, and therefore, is the simplest way of gathering and cleaning data. Cookies uses servers to create profiles for users. By implementing cookies on your site, all the user has to do is click “Allow”. Once the user allows you to use cookie and create a profile for them, you have full access to what websites they’re viewing and their web searches. You can use this information to better inform everything from content to banners, and so much more. What’s better is that this information is automatically cleaned since you’re gathering it straight from the user’s computer.

3. Mobile Data

Most users browse on their mobile phone now. Make sure you’re using that to your advantage. Your software should be able to handle mobile data. With mobile data, you can track the user’s location so you can see where they are browsing the most and use that data to inform your marketing decisions. Once again, this is data that doesn’t need to be cleaned since it’s being taken directly from the user’s device.

4. Surveys

Surveys are a classic way to collect user data. Directly asking the user for their opinion about what you’re doing. Simply create a survey and send it out to your email list. Whatever business decision you’re interested in making, it’s important to get the users opinions on it. From rebranding to product launches, asking the users these important questions not only makes them feel included, but it’s a great way to gather data. Be sure before you send out your survey, that you’re validating the email list.

5. GPS Monitoring

A users’ location tells them a lot about them. Tracking this information helps you immensely. You can track a users location through email, cookies and mobile! Location can tell you about general age, income and general interests. If most of your users are from rural areas, you wouldn’t implement more metropolitan marketing techniques.

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