Facebook Advertising Strategies to Gain More Subscribers

Jan 09 2018

Facebook Advertising Strategies

Of course, you have a personal Facebook account, but have you setup a Facebook business page or group to drive more traffic over to your site? Have you yet started to dabble in running Facebook advertising strategies? Facebook is a powerful beast when it comes to marketing, and if you don’t know what you are doing you could just be flushing hundreds and thousands of dollars down the toilet.

What you need is a solid Facebook advertising strategy, because you never want to jump into doing marketing without being prepared and having a plan in place. So, we have put together some various proven strategies for you to follow and identify which works best for your business needs.

  1. The Facebook Page

    For one of your facebook advertising strategies, you should create a Facebook page that should be a space where you frequently post updates and new content about your company and your products. This is a way for your audience to stay in the loop about your business. But, it is also much more than that. The page is a way that you can introduce new products or services to your audience, then drive them over to a landing page on your site to collect their contact data. This is an opportunity to gain a new subscriber.

Cool things to post on your page:
1. Viral Images
2. Funny Videos
3. Polls

Tip: Have an outstanding landing page that you drive the traffic to is key to maximizing the number of new subscribers you acquire. Get the scoop on having an awesome landing page.

  1. Facebook Groups
    A Facebook group is the perfect way to connect with like-minded individuals. You can either create your own group or participate in a group that is already thriving. But, if you want to see the most success and gain subscribers from groups you have to be consistent and you must provide valuable content to the group. Over-posting or not following the rules of the group can get you removed from the group so make sure you are always courteous to the group admin.

    Tips for participating in Facebook groups.
    Use images in your post that are compelling and correlate with your content.
    2. Make a new post once per day in the group, but feel free to comment on others posts.
    3. Always read the group rules.

    When participating in groups make your posts stand out from the crowd, as a question that will provoke responses. Keep your content FUN! Here are some ideas to generate engagement on Facebook.

  2. Facebook LIVE
    Going live, can be a bit scary at first because it shows your audience you really are. But, using live video is one of the best Facebook advertising strategies. There is no time to edit or add filters like you can do with images. However, when you go live your audience grows a deeper connection with your brand. It’s actually statistically proven that LIVE videos generate more comments than pre-recorded videos. Plus, people love to see you respond to them in real time. Live videos are the way to go to get your audience talking.  So how can you entice users who are watching your live video? Have a verbal call to action, ask them to go to a specific landing page, or request them to participate by commenting in the chat. Offer to do a free analysis of their site live.

    Keep in mind when you are live, there will be sometimes where a low number of people are watching and then a few minutes later you might have ten times more people watching. As a rule, you should always repeat your verbal call to action multiple times. This way you can make sure your audience hears it several times and you also make sure that all viewers hear it as well.

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