Email Automation for Customer Engagement

Aug 07 2017

Consumers do not want a one-size fits all email. If your emails don’t appeal to them, they will unsubscribe. You want to make them feel like you are listening to their wants and needs. Here are some smart ways that you can improve customer satisfaction and subscriber engagement rates by simply using email automation.

Happy Birthday Emails

No matter what kind of website you are running, you can easily wish them a Happy Birthday. This is one of the easiest personalization emails that you can craft. If you are collecting date of birth information in your sign up form, send them out a special note along with a coupon or discount code. When you give users something like virtual birthday money and tell them to use it by a specific date, the person is more likely to come back to your site and make a bigger purchase.

Learn from Their Behavior

If you notice that your member is using a coupon code when they make a purchase, send them a personal email with a subject line of “A new discount code just for you.” Creatively construct the body content telling them that you noticed that they used a coupon code on their last purchase, and you wanted to make sure they had one to go toward their next checkout. You can also automate emails about cart abandonment. Remind them that they wanted to purchase “specific product” but did not complete the transaction. Create an email with an easy “complete checkout” button so they can get right down to business.

Free Training Courses

If your website is a SASS our other cloud-based solution, automate emails with training information.  You can put together a series of emails educating them on how to use your platform. It’s a great way to use email automation. This way they can self-learn and may not need to contact your support department for guidance. Supply easy to follow step-by-step instructions and videos they can follow along with. Free training = happy customers. Plus, when you send out an updated training session every few days, it helps remind them they have an active account with you they should be using.

Onsite Downloads

You can even send out emails based on website activity. For example, let’s say your member downloads a guide that you offer.  A few days later, you can send them a follow up about asking them for feedback about what they liked/did not like. Getting feedback from your audience is the best way to improve the quality of your content so that you can better relate to your subscribers.

Re-Engagement Campaigns

You can even automatically send out a win-back campaign to try to re-engage with subscribers who have not been interacting with your brand. If you have sent out over 10 email campaigns and the user has not been opening/clicking, you could automatically send them a “we miss you” message. If they do open that message, be prepared to start sending them some special offers as an attempt to win back their business.

When you set up your campaigns to automate it takes a lot of responsibility off your shoulders and makes your subscribers feel like you care about their actions. People love it when you pay attention to them. Ask your ESP if they offer email automation so you can start configuring automated emails go out. Plus, don’t forget to regularly clean up your database of email addresses with XVerify to eliminate hard bounces in some of your automated campaigns, especially win-back campaigns

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