Email Auto Correct

May 14 2013

erase errors

We are proud to announce we have launched a new feature called Email Auto Correct. There are many cases where users quickly type in their email address for example and we would generally mark this as an invalid email ID because the customer made a typo when entering the domain. Clearly in this example the user would have intended to type, but dropped the letter “h”.
Now you will have the ability to enable Email Auto Correct under your “Email Settings” tab. When you do this we will be able to fix common domain typos and formatting issues when obtaining email addresses. This new feature will work with both our Javascript and our API integration. This is exciting news because you will no longer have to tell the user the email address is no good due to a minor domain typo.
Please review our updated developers documentation to learn about how to capture the new API response if you are interested in enabling that feature. If you need any assistance with development or inquiries related to Email Auto Correct please reach out to

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