How Email Verification Differs From Validation

Dec 04 2017

Email Verification Vs. Validation: The Differences You Need To Know

There’s a lot of “noise” out there about the importance of building email lists for marketing purposes. Sales teams clamor to find new ways to encourage site visitors to provide their email address in exchange for registration privileges, freebies or information. There are also plenty of places for site owners and salespeople to buy sales lead information such as emails, mailing addresses and phone numbers.

The Value of Email Addresses for Marketing and Sales

An email list can be a valuable resource for marketing and sales. With such a list in hand, salespeople can practice target marketing strategies that can turn those leads into hard sales. Newsletters, offers, downloads and clickable content delivered to inboxes can generate more traffic, more sales, enhance site visibility and roll into additional captured email addresses. There’s no disputing the significance of email addresses for marketing and sales.

The Dangers of Bad Email Addresses

However, “bad” or invalid email addresses pose a huge, insidious threat to sales teams and site owners. If the email address is incorrect for any number of reasons, the marketing strategy can fail. Or worse, the business can suffer from a bad reputation and/or search engine penalties. Ultimately, the quality of your email leads is integral to the success of your business.

What Is Email Validation?

As a salesperson or site owner, it’s important to remember that people type their email address many times each day. Over time, they can tend to get faster and less accurate. This leads to inputting incorrect email addresses. People even sometimes misspell their own names in their haste to get past the “enter email” field. They may transpose two letters, accidentally, type two letters instead of one, or insert a random symbol in the address — all of which leads to you getting a useless email address. Email validation services run a process that catches typos like this; whether they are honest mistakes or purposeful misdirects. The email validation tool does this by quickly and seamlessly confirming that the email record exists with the domain, such as Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail and more. For sales and marketing, this is an invaluable aid to reduce human error when it comes to inputting email addresses in form fields.

What Is Email Verification?

Email verification is more complex than simple email validation. With an email verification service, the email address is verified that there is an actual recipient on the receiving end of the email. The verification process confirms whether or not the inbox account is in use. Once the verification process is complete, you can be assured that the emails are reaching the correct recipient.

The Benefits of Using an Email Verification Service

Email verification services provide several benefits, whether you’re an individual hoping to generate leads for a bootstrap startup, or you’re an enterprise building your email list for a future marketing strategy.

Email Verification Services:

  • Prevent hard bounces, which is when the email comes back as invalid and deliverable.
  • Help businesses avoid getting “dinged” for spamming, which is when unwanted emails are sent to valid recipients.
  • Keep sales teams from wasting time sending marketing emails to “dead” addresses.
  • Prevent business from seeing false results from an email marketing campaign; thinking the campaign isn’t working, when, in reality, it’s the email addresses that are faulty.
  • Save businesses from wasting money on useless email address lists that are inactive or downright falsified.
  • Ensure that interested leads receive requested materials in their inbox in a timely and professional manner

For the most reliable and accurate email marketing strategies, choose an email verification service that provides both validation and verification. While each are valuable independently, validation and verification go hand in hand to help keep your email campaign as streamlined and functional as possible. Contact us today at 1-866-903-9164 to learn how easy it is to start. You’ll be able to integrate an API into your existing site, or take advantage of our free list assessment.

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