Database Clean Up

Nov 03 2015

I have decided to write this post, because when approaching existing clients of ours who currently use real time data verification; about doing a database clean up, many did not understand what a database clean-up is, or why they might need it. A database clean-up is a way to look at all of your records that you have ever collected and identify which email addresses are good and which ones are bad.

Our method of doing a database clean-up for email verifications is the same method we use for real time data verification. However, instead of hitting our API or using our JavaScript, you would put together a file. The file can contain your email addresses and other customer data if you wish. We would look at each unique email address one by one and determine if the email account is real or not.

When we return the files back we give you all the files that you originally uploaded and append back a column labeled ‘status’ so that you know which email addresses are valid and which are invalid. If an email address is ‘invalid’, we will flag it in your file and provide you with a reason for it being invalid. In most cases, it will be because the username does not exist, but it might also be because it is on our high-risk list or a complainer.

So why would you need to do a database clean up if you are already using real time email verification? The answer for this is simple, just because the account you validated yesterday was active, the account might be closed today. Therefore, over time many email addresses in your list already will become inactive. Users might have abandoned their account, or they might have changed jobs and the email address you once collected may no longer be valuable.

Additionally, at XVerify we are constantly updating our suppression lists. Maybe you collected an email address last month that was good, but it may have now converted to a high-risk account. We want you to make the most out of your marketing campaigns and the best way to start is by regularly evaluating your data. In addition, the best thing about database clean-ups is you can take advantage of super low rates. When you validate in bulk we lower the prices so that you can save!

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