Data Hygiene: How to Protect Your Data Quality in 2017

Dec 09 2016

Did you realize that data management and data hygiene is one of the move overlooked steps when trying to put together a successful marketing campaign. Marketers are actually blindly trusting any data that enters the front door of their website, but why? Perhaps it is cost of adding another layer of protection. Maybe even time it takes to implement another service, or just ignorance to the damage they are causing themselves.

Risks of not protecting your data.
● High hard bounce rates on your email campaigns
● Higher rates of spam complaints on your email campaigns
● Paying for garbage leads which will never convert
● Hitting malicious email accounts that get you blacklisted
● Puts your email sender score in the gutter

Not having data hygiene in place puts your entire email operation in jeopardy. You run the risk of getting high hard bounces, spam complaints, blacklisted and even potentially booted from your ESP. Think about it, what would your next move be if your email solution banned you? Something as simple as data hygiene in real time could solve these problems.

Eliminate the Garbage from your Existing Database
The first thing you will need to do as part of your data hygiene process is to validate your current database. Simply export your data to a CSV file and send it over to XVerify as part of a batch upload. We go through each unique email address to determine which ones are current, active, and registered, and which email addresses are undeliverable.

When you eliminate email addresses from your list which are undeliverable you eliminate your hard bounces. Hard bounces are one of the primary causes for a poor senderscore. The better your sender score is the better chances you have of reaching the recipients inbox. Check out this blog post on 15 tips to improve email deliverability.

Data Hygiene with a Layer of Fraud Protection

Fictitious email addresses are not the only thing you have to worry about when you want to have good email campaign success. Each year fraud increases and you have to act fast. Like they say, prevention is always better than cure. Minimize your risk of running into fraud and chargebacks by letting XVerify flag email addresses that are high risk.

When you choose to do data hygiene with XVerify, we help you identify high risk email accounts. Our recommendation is that you do not mail to these and you immediately remove them from your subscriber list. We house a database containing millions of high risk email addresses that we constantly add to on a daily basis. Our partners and clients share with us problematic email addresses so that we can better protect all of our customers.

Data Hygiene in Real Time

Once you have fully verified all of the email addresses in your database, we highly recommend that you put real time email verification in place. Real time email verification sits on top of your data collection points to make sure only valid email addresses get into your marketing funnel. When you use data hygiene in real time you don’t have to worry about future hard bounces.

Real time data hygiene, can also notify your end user when they make a mistake. Typos are one of the most notorious reasons for poor data quality. This is what we like to call our alert and convert method. If the user types in an email address that might be off by one letter, we can show a red flag to the user. Nine times out of ten the user will correct the error.

Verifying your email contacts in real time prevents new hardbounces, spam complaints, and the risk of acquiring malicious email addresses. Using data hygiene in real time can also be a big money saver if you are buying leads. Sometimes affiliate marketers like to send fake registrations so that they can charge you more money. However, with data hygiene in place XVerify will deny those registrations from coming in.

Data Hygiene Best Practices
● Clean your entire database quarterly
● Put real time data hygiene in place on your lead capture forms
● Always clean a list from a data broker before mailing the data
● Remove duplicates from your database

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