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Apr 14 2014

Collecting data via your own landing page or website may not be the only way you are acquiring leads, but why is it often not recommended? Whenever you purchase data from a list broker or another source you tend to not know much about that data. They may not be able to always provide where the originating URL was from, or the IP and join date details. If the vendor you are working with is attaching these additional details, you also have to be careful because it is frequently found that the information is skewed.
If you plan to email market to a list that was purchased, you should think again. Many reputable ESPs require you to have only opted in data, and will not allow you to upload your list unless you can provide join dates and other pertinent information about your list. One of the reasons that email vendors don’t like purchased lists is because they do not trust them. Many times purchased lists will contain a large amount of inactive email addresses which will cause your hard bounce rate to skyrocket. If you are tied into an ESP with a shared IP address you are doing a lot of damage because every hard bounce lowers the IP reputation. The lower the reputation the lower your inbox delivery will be which means you are not able to get your message in front of customers.
Even if you are not purchasing a list, but you are buying traffic to your own landing pages you still need to take precaution. If you choose to work with a network they might be pushing you traffic sources from several different affiliates but the more affiliates sending you data the closer you have to monitor the quality of the incoming data. One bad affiliate may be sending you 26% invalid data, you need to be able to catch this before it eats up your advertising budget.
While utilizing XVerify we can help you monitor and manage your affiliates. If you are using our batch upload tool you can add a column to your file with the header “v1” and the identifiers of your affiliates. If you are sending leads in real time via API you can pass a parameter called “v1” referencing your affiliate ID and we will log it directly on your XVerify dashboard for you. If you log in and notice that once of your affiliates is sending you over 20% of invalid data this is a big red flag! Our goal here is to help you combat fraud before being a victim.

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