Data Collection at the Cash Register

Oct 13 2015

cash register data

Welcome to this year’s fourth quarter. Companies are now ramping up and preparing in advance for the holiday season. Digital marketing departments are busy creating holiday creatives, preparing content, and scheduling your emails far ahead of schedule. While, retailers who own brick-and-mortar locations are thinking about how to arrange their merchandise, what kind of décor to put up, and what kind of discounts and promotions they will run. However, one thing they both want to achieve is collecting more customer data.

You’ve heard the line “Can I get your phone number?” or “What is your email address?” during your checkout process in the store. I was just recently shopping at Yankee Candle and they asked me for this information. This is crucial information for future marketing purposes they are trying to capture. When you are out doing your holiday shopping this year I guarantee you will be hearing these questions more and more often.

So, what are some of the problems companies’ face when asking customers for their contact data at during the checkout process? The biggest problem is miss-communication. For example, the customer may have said the letter “B” but the cashier heard the letter “D”. This would account for erroneous input, and result in a bad lead. This is why it is critical to have something like data verification in place.

Having data verification and validation linked to a point-of-sale system, would mean that the email address would be double-checked as soon as the cashier plugged it in. If there were an error then, the cashier would be notified, and could repeat it back to the customer to improve accuracy. Not only would data verification help for miscommunication, but it would also help prevent typos. The most common typos are domain names spelled incorrectly, which is something that XVerify can alert you about instantly.

Data verification and validation will be the key to success when collecting customer data this year. Not only is it valuable for making sure email addresses are good and accurate, but it also performs on phone number look ups as well. XVerify can identify if the phone number is in service, or disconnected, plus report back to you if it was a landline or cellphone. Start your marketing season off right by implementing XVerify ahead of time.

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