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Mar 28 2016

business email verification

Business Email Verification

The other day I signed up for an email platform. Put in my email, put in my password, and BOOM I was in. I was happy, they gave me a free trial, I instantly wanted to learn about their tools so immediately I was toying around with their cloud-based software. I setup an email campaign and scheduled for it to send out the next day.

Of course, I was happy to log in and check out the awesome stats I was looking to see. The problem was when I attempted to log in I kept getting the dreadful message.“Email and password don’t match”. Because in the tech and marketing world we all have so many passwords. Each site has different password requirements, I thought I probably simply forgot my password.

I initiated a password reset, and got the  message “this email address is not in our system”…. WHAT? I just signed up yesterday… it has to be there. Well come to find out, it was my fault, to begin with. What I did was typed my email address with the extension .cmo instead of .com. I was not able to reset the password either because that has to be done by receiving an email. Instead, I ended up having to call the company and asking them to correct the email address in the system.Then they reset my password. This is why you need business email verification.

Even the most web savvy people make typos. As a company, you can prevent these customer mistakes. If only they had real-time business email verification in place. It would have prevented me from creating an account. It would have notified me to double check the data I just put in. Instant email verification can really solve more problems than you think.

Email verification does not only detect and correct extensions of domain names, that is just one minor aspect of the verification process. Real-time email address verification makes sure the user name of the email address actually exists by communicating with the mail server to make sure the mailbox is registered and active. When email verification is active on your site in real time it adds a layer of security to prevent spam bots from attacking your form and pushing in random strings of data

At the end of the day, instant email verification is a value add to your website and should be implemented on every data collection form you have. It will prevent fictitious user sign ups, and prevent hard bounces from happening when you go to send off your future email campaigns. From a pricing standpoint, XVerify is a drop in the bucket and will cost you less than a penny per verification.

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