10 Benefits of Validating Emails on Your Web Form

Jul 26 2016

Benefits of Validating Emails









Eliminates Hard BouncesBenefits of validating emails include eliminating hard bounces. Too many failures in delivery can result in you getting the boot from your ESP. Hard bounces can do a lot of damage to inbox deliverability. That is why your email service provider wants you to only import clean-opt-in data. On average most companies who are aggressively media buying find that approx. 15-18% of their incoming data is bogus.


Reduces Spam Complaints – A high spam complavalidating emailsint rate can get you completely blocked from delivering your email campaign to an entire domain. If your ESP sees that you have a high complaint rate they might suspend your account. In some cases, the ESP will terminate your account. Keeping your spam complaint rate low is a must if you want to have good inbox deliverability. You can keep it low by validating emails.


Identifies Typos – With more and more mobile devices, typos are more prevalent. Typos are usually the leading cause of hard bounces and can create other complications for your customers. Wouldn’t it be more simple if you could notify your user when they made a miss-spelling, or fix the mistake automatically for them? We have found that when you bring a typo to the user’s attention, they immediately will correct it. If you do not notify them of the mistake, it is a lose-lose situation.


Monitor Your Affiliates – If you are getting your data from multiple sources just keep in mind the following words of wisdom, “buyer-beware”. Not all data you are collecting will be quality data. Not all data sources are equal. We can help you identify the specific source(s) which are sending you higher rates of low-quality data so you can cut off connections with them.

Improve Your Sender Score By Validating Emails– Abiding by best data acquisition, and best data quality practices you will be able to improve your sender score. Clean data and sender score go hand in hand. The biggest chunks of your reputation are based on hard bounces and spam complaints.


Identify Catch-All Email Accounts – When working in the B2B realm, approximately 30% of corporate email servers are configured as ‘catch-all’. This means that even if the mailbox of the user does not exist it will be reported as valid. Any mail that you send to a catch-all account will get held up in a general folder. In some cases the servers may send a hard bounce back but many time it will not. It is recommended that you segment email address list. Separate catch-all true from catch-all false. Send and monitor which emails were opened and which had no activity.


Create Your Own Block List – Maybe you don’t want every email domain to be allowed to register on your site. Perhaps there are some domains you want to avoid or even entire countries you would like to avoid. We can help you with that. Simply add the email IDs to your blocked list. You can also prevent specific countries from registering as well. Add the countries TLD and we won’t allow them to enter your database.


Save Money On Media Buying – It’s your hard earned money, and buying leads is expensive, so why waste the money on leads that are fictitious? Even if you are paying $1.00 per lead and out of 1,000 leads 78 were junk you just wasted $78 when we could have validated it and told you to reject those leads for less than 78 cents.




Flag Temporary Email IDs – Disposable email accounts are commonly used by affiliate fraudsters and spam bots. You don’t want these getting into your database, because although they might be real and registered today, they don’t last long and will hard bounce later.


Get Results in Milliseconds – Don’t wait, you need answers up front, and you need them now. Being able to make a decision in under a second is important when you are trying to move leads through your marketing funnel


Get started with validating emails.

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