Solve Your Bad Lead Problem with XVerify

Aug 14 2017

How much are you currently paying to acquire a lead? Each time you send a visitor to your website, you are taking a chance. You don’t even know if they will take an action on your website or just close out of your page. Regardless of whether you are paying on a per visitor or a per action basis, these costs quickly add up. What about the customers that you paid for but were not able to connect with? There are many cases where customers make a typo in your contact form and now you are unable to email them, even though they opted in for your service.

How to Solve Your Bad Lead Problem:

This is where XVerify can save the day. Each email address a customer types in is verified in real time. We do this is by communicating with their email server to make sure their user name is registered. If the user is off by even just one letter, we notify of the error. They’re then given the opportunity to retype their email. Once they re-enter their an accurate email ID, they’re able to continue through your registration path. When you immediately know the user’s address is registered with their domain, you can quickly move along the sales process. You also have the added benefit of reducing your bounce rate, increasing your deliverability, and making sure your marketing dollars aren’t wasted.

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