Anti-Phishing and Email Protection

Oct 30 2017

There’s a big learning curve in adjusting to the digital age. From managing the influx of data to flowing with the constant trend changes and new channels for ad distribution, it’s a lot to handle. And while many aspects of digital media are mastered, one thing that has failed to keep up is email protections. Considering the broad scope of email related threats, and the high cost related to those threats, it’s surprising there hasn’t been a higher focus in protecting email, email data and anti-phishing.

Phishing’s Impact

A recent article by Yahoo business takes a deeper look at the true cost of email hacks. The article focuses on phishing schemes and their costs. Phishing schemes are set up by hackers who act like real, legitimate people. They send out emails that sound authentic and authoritative to get innocent people to engage with the message. This scam has been used on individuals to gather credit card information or social security numbers. It has also been used on big businesses to hack systems and gain information about employees and customers, including W2s.

News stories about these types of scams aren’t uncommon, but understanding the full effect of the scams comes as a true shock. According to the article, the average cost of a phishing scam is $1.6 million. That’s not taking into consideration the loss of trust on the part of employees and customers or how costly it is to loose email as a service. Those metrics alone are shocking, but what’s even more shocking is that these attacks aren’t losing momentum.

A study conducted by the Anti-Phishing Working Group found a 10% increase in phishing attacks between 2015 and 2016. These numbers tell us that these types of attacks are going to continue. As we rely more on digital marketing, hackers will seek to use that reliance to their benefit. The most shocking part of this article, however, is how easy it is to protect against these types of attacks.

Anti-Phishing Protections

The article makes a push for the internet to automatically verify all email addresses. The verifier serves as a type of “body guard” for your site just like a doorman protects your actual office. After looking at the impact a phishing attack can have on a business or individual, it’s a logical leap that you would want to have a body guard for your email. After all, it’s one of the top ways to reach your customer base.

While it doesn’t seem like mandatory email verification is on the horizon, you can still take steps to implement some type of security for email. Our live-action API can verify emails as you gather them on your site, your first line of anti-phishing defense. For emails not gathered on your site, use our bulk upload option to check every email in your inbox before you respond.

This simple step can protect you from scammers and phishing attacks. While we may have a ways to go in overall internet protection, your site can remain protect and your emails can still be your biggest asset rather than your riskiest venture. Never underestimate the power of protection, especially in digital marketing.

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