A Happy Email Verification Customer

Sep 29 2015

Michael runs a digital download website, giving his users access to podcasts, digital publications, and e-books. Like most digital download sites, he prompts the users to either create an account on his site or enter their email address before they can get access to his digital content. He then takes the information they provided to later send promotional information to inform his user-base of new content recently available on his site.

Things were going well for Michael in the first year of him setting up his small business, but over time his list started grow and so did his number of complications when it came to successful email marketing. As the number of unique visitors hit his site, so did his number of registrations, which was a good, sign. However, it also caused a big increase in his number of hard bounces during his weekly email campaigns. It got so bad that his email platform told him, he needed to take action or they would shut his account down.

Michael decided to look into why the emails were hard-bouncing and what options there were in the market to avoid hard bounces. After taking a closer look at the number of hard bounces he had, he realized that many of them were common typos such as Yahooo.com or Hotmail.cm. After googling solutions for email verification, he learned about XVerify and decided to try it.

He first used the tools to email verify his database that he has collected over the last year and half of 30,000 users, and then he choose to implement the JavaScript directly on his website. Instantly, he noticed a change of improved data quality and enhanced mailing results. His number of hard bounces significantly reduced and he has continued to use the tools daily.

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