8 Social Media Engagement Hacks to Boost Your Business

May 20 2019

Social Media Engagement

Social media have been designed as the means of communication between friends and families, but marketers quickly realized their potential and started using Facebook and other platforms as the way to promote businesses.

It’s not a surprise given the fact that over three billion social media users are active on a daily basis. As a marketer, you can reach out to almost half of the world’s population on social networks, so it is of utmost importance to create a proper strategy and drive user engagement.

But it is not an easy mission.

Social platforms are flooded with all sorts of accounts and content types. A report reveals that there are 400 new users, 54 thousand shared links, 147 thousand uploaded photos, and 317 thousand status updates every minute on Facebook alone.

In such circumstances, finding your place in the social media sun is getting increasingly difficult and you will have to invest a lot of effort into grabbing the attention of the target audience. Our goal is to help you with that, so keep reading to learn eight social media engagement hacks to boost your business.
Reasons to Improve Engagement on Social Media

Social media engagement is obviously beneficial for businesses, but most marketers still don’t fully grasp the influence it has on their brands. It’s not only about communication and relationship building. On the contrary, engagement gives you a number of other benefits such as:

  • Raise awareness: Nothing can help you to raise awareness as much as social media engagement. When your fans activate on Facebook and other platforms, they create a brand new wave of interest and create that much-needed buzz around your brand.

    Boost website traffic: This benefit is the logical consequence of the previous one. Although Google doesn’t reveal whether social media have an impact on search engine ranking, the fact remains that social networks have the power to increase website traffic.

    Improve search engine ranking: The higher the traffic, the better the ranking. Businesses with excellent customer engagement can hope to gradually improve the position of their sites in engine searches.

    Build professional authority: Social engagement is your chance to step up and provide followers with good answers and knowledgeable insights, which can establish you as an opinion leader.

    Drive leads and conversions: As you keep expanding your fan base and inspiring users to engage, you can also expect to generate fresh leads and drive more conversions.

    Improve customer loyalty: The last benefit of social engagement is the opportunity to improve customer loyalty in the long run. Just keep interacting with your fans and most of them will remain loyal to the brand.

How to Drive Social Engagement: 8 Practical Tricks

Improving social media engagement is not exactly rocket science, but it does require a fair share of time, work, and creativity. Of course, you should always follow the basic principles of social media marketing here, so let’s check out eight practical mechanisms that proved to work well in almost every situation.

  • Optimize social accounts perfectly

The first thing you need to do is to optimize social accounts so as to maximize the discoverability and let people know what your business is all about.

We guess you are not running a globally popular brand like Nike or Adidas so it would be good to use keywords when creating a brand name. That way, users who search for pages in your niche will be able to find you easily.

Besides that, write a straightforward account description to keep users informed about your goals and activities. If you are representing a serious brand, use a professional tone to display authority. If you are focusing on younger audiences, feel free to use humor and teenage jargon. You should also add a link to the homepage because some fans will want to explore your website immediately.

Don’t forget to proofread the text and keep your accounts flawless. You can do it using paper writing service agencies such as Essay Writing Land or editing apps like Grammarly. All those profile optimization tricks will encourage users to keep following your account and start engaging with the content.


  • Publish the right kind of content

If you want people to engage with you on social media, you need to provide them with the right kind of content. This is where you need to do the homework and learn what your audience expects to discover online.

For instance, top level managers usually demand highly analytical and data-driven content, while high school students need fun and entertainment. The only way to find out their preferences is by identifying a buyer persona with all of his/her traits and attributes. Here’s what you need to discover:

  • Demographic features like age, gender, and location.

  • Education, professional titles, and average income.

  • Lifestyle and leisure time activities.

  • Personal beliefs and interests.

  • Anything else that might be relevant to your business.


  • Don’t neglect visual content

Regardless of the target audience, you need to dedicate a fair share of work to visual content. How come? According to the study, visual content is over

40 times more likely to get shared on social media than other types of content.

Humans are visual beings who are much more likely to engage with images, GIFs, animations, infographics, and other forms of multimedia files. The good thing is that you can find tons of useful sites and platforms online that can assist you in visual content creation.

For instance, Canva

offers you thousands of beautiful templates.

Grade Miners

and EduBirdie

can give you amazing content ideas, while

Pixabay gives you over a million high-resolution stock images.


  • Go live on Facebook

Facebook Live videos are another outstanding mechanism that evokes curiosity and drives user engagement. Unlike traditional videos, live content looks more natural and trustworthy in the eyes of the average fan.

Furthermore, you can use simple tricks to increase dwell time and make the viewers even more engaged. One option is to invite people to write questions in comments and you can promise to answer the most interesting inquiries straight away. But the number of options is almost countless, so do your best to discover what works well for your audience.


  • Make it personal

As a brand, you are addressing thousands of followers at the same time. This is completely natural, but don’t forget that modern users want to feel acknowledged and appreciated as individuals. Therefore, your goal must be to personalize social interactions and pay attention to individual users.

How is this possible? First of all, you can monitor user behavior and share their posts in case it adds value to your brand. It proves that you really keep an eye on your fans and show appreciation for their actions.

Another option is to answer users who mention the brand directly. If they want you to do a small favor, do your best to fulfill their wishes. Once again, there are no limits here and it all depends on your patience and creativity.


  • Use online tools to amplify engagement

What we love about social media marketing is that you don’t have to do everything single-handedly. You can find almost any kind of tool online and use it to amplify user engagement. It is pretty much impossible to mention each platform here, but we will name a few highly relevant solutions:

  • Social Share Buttons is a WordPress plugin that enables users to share content from your website on their own social media profiles.
  • CoSchedule gives you the opportunity to plan social posts and publish content when it has the highest odds of encouraging fans to engage.
  • If you need help with content creation, you can consult with professional authors at agencies like Cheap Assignment Help,

    BestTermPaper, and RusMyEssay.

  • Buffer is one of the most popular social media marketing platforms that handles and automates everything from planning to analytics.
  • Nurture brand advocates

Every brand has a few top fans who are constantly reacting to social media posts. You should seize the opportunity to turn those followers into brand advocates and make them work for you. This is very important because people tend to believe their peers much more than brands and businesses. When other users see top fans in action, they will probably be willing to engage as well and contribute to your social network interactions.


  • Follow trends and events


The last advice on our list is to keep the content up to date by following the latest industry trends and social events. You should ride the wave of popularity and create posts that perfectly correspond with the hottest topics in the niche or society in general.

It is up to you to make a complete list of the most important events, but we can certainly recommend you to tailor content specifically for holidays like Christmas or New Year, summer season events, sports finals, Halloween, and so on.


Social platforms give you a great opportunity to grow the fan base and nurture customer loyalty, but you will have to think strategically and approach it with due diligence. We explained to you eight social media engagement hacks to boost the business.

While these are not the only engagement mechanisms you can try, they are certainly the best and most productive long-term. Make sure to use our suggestions and leave a comment if you have other interesting ideas!

Guest Post by: Kurt Walker is an experienced copywriter and editor at NinjaEssays. A London native, he developed an interest in writing and marketing at a young age. He has held lectures around the whole world, helping people use writing tools such as BestDissertation.com to improve their organic marketing. When he’s not busy promoting the benefits of automation, Kurt enjoys long-distance running and unorthodox past recipes.

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