6 Things Your Lead Page is Missing

Aug 22 2018

Missing from Lead Page

Your lead page is the first thing that your visitor sees when they come to your site. You’ve made it catchy, you have a call to action and its well-designed. Think that this covers your bases? Think again! In today’s article, we are going to cover the top 6 things that most companies skip doing when creating a new landing page.  

1. A Clear Explanation:
The golden rule is that as soon as a visitor lands on your lead page, they should understand exactly what you do in under 7 seconds. If the visitor does not understand what you do or does not think what you do is what they need, they will click away. Your competitor will gain the business. Make sure you clearly convey who you are and what problems you solve in the top half of your site.

2.Headlines that Grab Attention:
Headlines are super important for making a good lead page. A great headline will sell your value proposition and invoke emotions. Strong headlines are necessary because they are the first thing that the visitor sees. One tool that we love to use when creating a headline is the Headline Analyzer by CoSchedule

3.Optimized Images:
Remember not everyone is on a powerful internet connection. Page load speed on your lead page needs to be a priority. Not only will visitors not enjoy waiting for a slow page to load, but Google will also reduce your search engine placement. It’s already hard enough to rank on Google, so don’t give them a reason to push you back more. You can optimize your images in Photoshop before placing them on your site. However, if you are using Wordpress then you can use a plugin called EWWW to handle your image optimization needs automatically.

4.Email Verification:
It’s never a good idea to allow visitors to input email addresses without validation. On average 15-18% of incoming data is garbage, bad leads can be harmful to your email marketing efforts. It’s a best practice to vet your leads before you accept your leads. Xverify has been recognized by FitSmallBusiness.com as a top email verification vendor of 2018. Email verification looks through your leads and makes sure the email address is a real registered account. Preventing spam bots and fictitious accounts from flooding your database.

5.Push Notifications:
One great way to keep in touch with your website visitors is via push notifications. They allow you to send messages to your web users through the browser. That means they don’t have any extra software to download, and you don’t need to acquire their email address to communicate. SendMsgs is a great tool you can use on your lead page to send updates.

I’m going to go out on a limb here and assume your visitor is not already familiar with your brand the first time they visit your site. This means you need to put effort into creating trust. Doing little improvements on your landing page will go a long way such as providing your contact information and having a clear link to your privacy policy. You should also be disclosing what you are doing with the visitor’s contact information with verbiage such as “We are only going to send you a monthly newsletter.” You can also build trust by not requiring them to enter a credit card to get started or providing a money back guarantee.  


Make your landing page impressive. Make visitors feel like you really care about them, rather than just treating them like a number. Once you enhance your page, you still start enhancing your sales. 


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