6 Reasons Why Your Email List is Not Performing

Dec 26 2016


Like most digital marketers, you are probably spending a lot of money on lead generation. But, why is your email list not performing? Let’s take a look at the most common reasons your digital data is not getting the performance you are looking for.

1. Poor Data Quality – It’s time to clean your list.
Email address data has gone old. The subscriber no longer logs into that email account. The subscriber provided you with a work email address, and they are no longer at the job. The subscribers has closed that email account. There are plenty of reasons why email addresses go bad. The problem is, usually you are not aware of it until after you get a hard bounce, and that only does more damage to your delivery.

2. Are you Using a Purchased List?
We understand as a digital marketer you are very busy. You think that buying a list is a short cut, but in reality it just ends up being a big waste of money and an endless supply of headaches. Data brokers who sell you the list don’t take time to clean it, so often there are many out dated email accounts that you end up acquiring. Additionally, the list is cold, the recipients have to get familiar with your brand. You must put in a lot of time building trust with these new subscribers.

3. Size Matters
When it comes to having an email list sometimes your list might be too small or it could be too big. Small email lists are great for a sales team to work off of in chunks. When you are sending out mass email blasts a larger email list works better so you can reach more people. However, you don’t want your list too large as you want to keep high rates of engagement. Your list should be about quality over quantity.

4. Getting High Spam Complaints
If you start getting a lot of spam complaints that should be an immediate red flag. Spam complaints can kill your inbox deliverability. When you run your data through email verification with XVerify we can help you pin point email addresses which are likely to generate spam complaints. Usually these users generate spam complaints because they do not understand the unsubscribe process. They find that just hitting the spam button solves their problems but it really creates more problems for you.

5. Unengaged Users
You might have been sending off emails to the same recipient for the last 3 months, but they have not been opening any of your emails. This user is just not interested and it is time to eliminate them from your list. You should go through your campaign history and identify disengaged users and remove them from your list.

6. You are Not Using a Double Opt In
In the above text we talked about users being un-engaged. As a marketer you want to get your numbers up, but you should focus on where the numbers actually count. Your engagement rate matters more than your subscriber rate any day. Using a double opt in campaign might cut you back on your amount of overall subscribers, however at least you know you are getting truly interested users.

Get your list back on track before the New Year. Let XVerify perform email verification to help you clean up your email list. Most email lists we clean up deliver results back to you in the same day. Want to perform a free list assessment? Simply fill out the details below and one of our reps will reach out to you to get a better understanding of your requirements and collect a test file.

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