5 Quick Ways to Grow Your Email Marketing List

Oct 23 2017

Growing your email list has the potential for great rewards, from a bigger customer base to stronger revenue. There are many ways to expand your list, but some tactics can be time intensive to implement. Don’t learn the hard way which ideas are time wasters and which are worth it. Instead, find success with these five methods to grow your email list.

When it comes to payoff for time spent, these techniques will add subscribers without demanding significant time investment.

1. Contribute Guest Posts On Relevant Websites

By guest posting, you can share your knowledge with another blogger’s audience. This places your content in front of people who aren’t already exposed to your brand, while allowing host bloggers to share something their audience wants to learn that isn’t exactly in their wheelhouse. When done right, it’s a win-win.

 To find success with guest blogging, target blogs and websites where your target audience spends their time. They’ll naturally trust content that appears on a favorite blog. Avoid the temptation to market your business. Make it about the blog readers or the post will fall flat. Share a link to subscribe to your newsletter and readers who enjoyed your ideas will subscribe — which means you can get high-quality leads.

2. Participate in Social Media Groups

Your target audience may hang out in Facebook groups or use Twitter hashtags. By adding your voice to the ongoing social media conversation, you can prove your knowledge and authority to users who may not have been exposed to your brand. Include a link to your email newsletter in your profile to increase sign-ups unobtrusively.

3. Build Custom Forms for Your Company’s Social Pages

Embedding an email newsletter sign-up form in your company’s social pages can increase sign-ups, simply by boosting the number of times a viewer sees your call to action.

 Your email newsletter tool should have forms to embed in social profiles. Follow the prompts to create a form, then embed it and watch sign-ups increase.

4. Use Hyper-Focused Lead Magnets with Guest Posts

Lead magnets increase sign-ups by dangling a valuable content upgrade in front of readers. Many host bloggers allow you to include lead magnets in guest blogs, as long as they add value. Readers are urged to upgrade to get the lead magnet, and unlock the most value from your guest post. You’ll see an uptick in email newsletter sign-ups for every lead magnet you create.

5. Creative Videos, Infographics and Other Content That’s Socially Shared.

By 2020, technology conglomerate Cisco predicts that video will account for 80 percent of Internet traffic. If you aren’t already making videos, this is a great time to start. Aim for brief videos (two to three minutes) that highlight a problem, show a solution or address a need of your target audience. Include your website and a short link to your newsletter sign-up at video’s close, and interested viewers can sign up.

In addition to video, consider creating infographics and other shareable content that will appeal to your audience. The more shareable content you create, the more organic shares your content will get, and the more sign-ups you’ll see.

When growing your email list, use XVerify’s verification services to collect better data about your list subscribers and boost your delivery rate. Better delivery rates will decrease your risk of fraud and spam complaints, ensuring more value for your marketing. 

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