5 Ways to Increase Email Subscribers using Social Media

Jan 18 2016

increase social media subscribers

Social media accounts are constantly growing and businesses are finding ways to directly interact with their social media followers to create more engagement. Trying to capture email addresses of your fans is a great way to grow your list. Try some of our ideas below.

Add an Email Sign Up Form – Adding an email sign up form to your social channels can help you generate more email address collection. If you are using a Facebook fan page there are apps such as MailChimp for Facebook; which can allow you to add an email capture area. For other social media apps like Twitter or Instagram add a direct link to your email capture page in your profile.

Use Digital Downloads – If you have ebooks, white pages, infographics etc. create an ad on social media that links users to a landing page that requires the users to input their email address in order to gain access to the digital content. Post this link on your Pinterest, Facebook, Linkedin, Google+, and Twitter to maximize the exposure.

Engagement – Don’t be afraid to individually connect with your followers. Send them direct messages giving them information and asking them to opt-in to be on your email list. This way they feel your message is more personal and it will increase the chances they actually go and subscribe.

Make a Game Out of It – People on social media love to be part of giveaways and sweepstakes. Tell them that if they opt in to your email list they will be added as an entry to winning a PRIZE. You could also do a social media giveaway to gain brand exposure by asking your followers to repost your picture or tag a friend.

Be Consistent – Post your message regularly, entice your followers to commit to signing up. Put this message in front of them on a daily basis. You can even use tools like Hootsuite to schedule content pushes and promos so it will just be on auto-pilot.

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