5 Ways to Optimize Email Titles

Oct 16 2017

Any email marketer knows that the first priority is to get your message in to the user’s inbox by maintaining a high email reputation, and the second priority is getting users to open those emails. In our last post, we covered how to boost email reputation to get messages into the inbox. Today, we want to help you get users clicking and opening up those emails. To get the user to open an email, you have to have an optimized subject line.

The subject line is the first thing a user sees. In fact, for some email service providers, it’s the only thing a user sees. That’s what makes it so important. This is your chance to peak the users interest, get them to open the message and start clicking. These short titles can make or break a campaign. So let’s make sure they’re doing their job, shall we?

1. Show a Benefit

Right off the bat, a user should know there’s a reason to open up this email. Whether you’re offering a discount, promoting a sale or presenting new content, make sure the subscriber knows there’s a reason to open the message. Offering an incentive directly in the subject line gets the user excited to read your email and increases the chance that they’ll open your email.

2. Short, Sweet and Straight to the Point

It’s tempting to try and make your title clever and catchy. While that’s all well and good, if you have to choose between being clever and being clear, clarity will win every time. People are hesitant to open emails due to potential scam and dangers that exist in emails. Clever, funny titles can come off as vague and no one wants to be uncertain with what they’re opening, so be short and precise in the subject line.

3. Personalize

The people on your email list should feel valued. Part of that is offering them special deals, but the other part of that is making the experience feel personalized to the user. Some of that can come with segmenting email lists, but another easy way to do this is by using the user’s name in the subject line. This makes your mail stand out, and lets the user feel like they aren’t just another number.

4. Ask a Question

Though you want to be direct and to the point, you also want to create a sense of intrigue. An easy way to do that is by asking a question. Be sure to still be clear about what’s in the email, just formulate it like a question. So instead of simply saying that there’s a store wide sale, ask “Are you ready so save on all your store favorites?”

5. Don’t Deceive Users

An email list is like a relationship. Just like any relationship, trust is easily ruined. So, be careful with what you’re sending out. It’s tempting to try and draw a user in with some less than upfront lines, or by using the classic “FW:” pretext before a subject line. Both of these tactics may score you higher open rates, at first, but they also ruin the relationship with the user. That one open could get an unsubscribe from the user and a black mark on your email reputation. Not to mention, it leaves a bad taste in the user’s mouth, potentially loosing you a valued customer.

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