5 Reasons To XVerify your Emails

Feb 24 2014

1. Eliminate Hard Bounces
Each email address is verified at the server to ensure the username is registered and active at the domain. We have helped most of our clients achieve/maintain an acceptable hard bounce rate of less than 1%
2. Reduce Spam Complaints
In order to have successful email campaigns deliver to the inbox you need to make sure your recipients are not clicking spam on your email communications. We monitor many of our clients/partners feedback look lists to identify which email addresses often mark messages as spam. This way we can help you identify who the complainers are before you send out your campaign so you can avoid mailing to them.
3. Avoid Hazardous Email Accounts
Xverify not only can validate accounts to ensure they are active, and legitimate, but we also help you hygiene your data by running each email address through our huge internal suppression list to help you avoid known litigators, attorneys, fraudsters, and more.
4. Reduce Leadbuying Expenses
Always validate your incoming data. We validate more requests in milliseconds so that you can reject leads on the fly or contest leads with your affiliates. We also help you monitor your traffic sources so you can easily pinpoint which affiliate is sending you too many invalid leads.

5. Improve Email Delivery
Struggling to get to the inbox of your recipients? Our objective is to help you overcome some of your challenges with email deliverability. Once you eliminate your hard bounces, and reduce your spam complaints your IP reputation will significantly improve within 2-3 months and you will see some serious results.

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