5 Ecommerce Email Campaigns You Need

Aug 21 2017

Email is one of the biggest assets to ecommerce sites. It’s a great way to keep your brand in the forefront of your users mind and connect with them in a way that isn’t obtrusive. For companies just starting out, however, ecommerce email marketing can feel overwhelming. Running multiple uninformed campaigns isn’t going to benefit your business. But, if you’re interested in ramping up your email marketing for your ecommerce site, these five campaigns are an absolute must.

1. Welcome Email

These emails are a great way to familiarize the user with your email marketing campaign. By immediately sending them a message, you’re familiarizing them with your domain and address that the user should be expecting the email from. Then, you give them a peak into your email campaign. Show them what to expect, what your branding will look like, and all of the exciting updates and articles you have coming up. Put your most trending articles in this email so the user can see just how popular your content is.

Welcome emails are sent out as soon as a user signs up for your list. The best and safest way to quickly send a welcome email is by implementing a real-time email verification on your site. You can do this with our Java Script code. The email is verified as it’s typed in so that you can immediately send a welcome email. Be sure your emails are verified before you send out the email so that you aren’t putting your email list in danger.

2. Newsletter

A newsletter is a great way to keep up with your user and to assert your brand as a resource, rather than just a fun shop. Creating brand loyalty is the main goal here. A user can buy something from you, but if they aren’t a regular shopper, you run the risk of being forgotten by the user before they have a chance to make another purchase. This is where newsletters come in handing.

Most newsletters are sent out on a weekly or monthly basis. For those just starting out, spend time making a high-quality monthly newsletter rather than rushing to put together a weekly newsletter that isn’t as informative. Make sure this newsletter is on brand for your company. If you focus on makeup and beauty supplies, include makeup tutorials or product reviews. Not all the content in your newsletter has to be from your site. By collecting the best content within your industry, you become a resource for your user. The more a user trusts and looks forward to your newsletter, the better standing your brand has.

3. Order Confirmation

The name kind of says it all with this email campaign. Order confirmations are simply an email sent out to the user with their order number and their receipt. Many ecommerce campaigns don’t take full advantage of these emails. Order confirmations have some of the highest open rates, because a use is eager to confirm their purchase and see the estimated delivery time. That means that the user is not only opening the email, but they’re also excited to open the email. Take advantage of the user’s eagerness.

While you should absolutely include the information the user is looking for, include other content they might love. This could be links to similar items, a quick link to the sales page or some of your top performing content pieces. Whatever you include, make sure it’s exciting and relevant to the user. With easy to click links, you can harness the users excitement to increase your clicks and page views.

4. Surveys

Great marketing and product development is created through ingenuity, creative and customer input. There are few things as valuable as data for a business, so you want to make sure you’re taking every possible opportunity to get feedback from your customer. Sending out individual surveys are a great way to gather data, and give your customer a chance to be heard. The combination of asking the customers opinion and giving them the opportunity to air any grievances sits really well with today’s customer base.

Be sure to make your survey a form, not a separate link. This way, the user doesn’t have to wait for a separate page to load. Don’t make the mistake of only including positive options on your survey. You have to give the customer the opportunity to tell you what they dislike about the business. This way, you not only have the opportunity to remedy the situation, but the user also feels heard, putting your brand in a better light. As an added bonus, consider adding a code the user can share with friends to get 20% off.

5. Cart Abandonment

Every ecommerce site knows the frustration of cart abandonment. A user fills their cart with a bunch of your products. But then they never check out. You could just leave this be, assuming the user didn’t actually want to make a purchase. Or you could send a friendly reminder email to remind them of all the fabulous items they wanted.

This email should include links to their cart and each individual item they included. Customers can view their whole cart or individual items. Focus on any discounted products or products that are selling out. Creating a sense of urgency with the user increase the potential sales activity.

Email campaigns can be your best tool. By engaging with the user regularly, you make sure your brand is constantly fresh on their mind. Don’t get overwhelmed with your email marketing campaign. Make sure you’re maintaining safe email practices to avoid the spam folder. And always verify your email list with XVerify before you send your emails.

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