4 Advanced Digital Marketing Strategies You Should Try

Jul 15 2019

The development of digital marketing allows a more comprehensive manipulation of available data in order to place your product closer to those who have the most interest in seeing it. Furthermore, since the digital marketing offers interactive relations with the audience, we are able to set more elaborate goals for our campaigns. The goal we set for our digital marketing campaign is the most influential deciding factor for the strategy that we are going to use. Different strategies include different techniques, necessary data, budget, and various other aspects. 

As the online industry makes its progress, marketers develop new ways of analyzing data, additional methods that expand the reach of marketing content, as well as improvements that prevent unnecessary costs or a waste of other resources. Therefore, our current article will let you in on four advanced digital marketing strategies, and the reasons why you should implement one of them.

1 – Inbound marketing

The purpose of the inbound marketing strategy is to lure the prospects using the content that holds as much value as possible for the audience. As such, the main focus of inbound marketing is on the production and distribution of versatile content through different mediums. According to recent reports, blog content was the main interest of more than half-digital marketers last year. The implementation of this strategy is most successful with three types of campaign goals:

  • Leads conversion

  • Website traffic growth

  • Increase of revenue through previous clients

Since the strategy relies on the quality of your content, it’s important to make the maximum effort into the production of the material that will have the most effective impact on your audience. Many companies use their blog as a medium, however, in order to produce regular content they reach out to different custom writing services like:

 2 – Video marketing

According to the latest statistics, video content is taking over the online market on all fronts. The available data shows that more than half of the internet users actually demand more video content. The value of Video marketing is also proven by the fact that 87 percent of digital marketing professionals use video as their primary weapon.


However, the demand for video content is not the only reason why so many marketers decide to go with this type of marketing approach. Reports state that after watching a video 64 percent of the audience is more likely to buy a product.

3 – Growth hacking

This is a recent concept that already shows significant potential. The implementation of this strategy demands an active approach, so you can’t kick back and say “I’ll have someone else do my assignment while I focus on other objectives”. In order to see growth hacking strategy through, you need to determine your goals, develop different ideas for your campaign, and start with the one most likely to give the best results. As your campaign is live, test the performance of your effort and use those metrics to make improvements. This strategy allows you to pinpoint the weak spots in your campaign and fix it as if you would deal with a leaking pipe. 

4 – Marketing automation

With the development of Artificial Intelligence, automation of nearly any process became easier to accomplish while the overall results improved. The most obvious benefit concerns cutting down the workload of your marketing team, as they don’t have to deal with complex analytics, data acquisition, and other administrative tasks. This also means you will spend less time and money while obtaining better and more useful results. Ultimately, the automation process benefits the sales as you have a wide choice of information that your sales team can use in order to pursue and convert leads more effectively.


The rise of digital technology and its constant improvement demands the ability to quickly adapt to changes. The marketing industry has never changed so fast as it does in the last two decades, simply because the digital trends shift so fast and new software allows us to use a wider array of data. Hope these marketing strategies will also make a positive change for your business, and help you improve your marketing results.

 guest post by KurtKurt Walker is an experienced copywriter and editor at NinjaEssays. A London native, he developed an interest in writing and marketing at a young age. He has held lectures around the whole world, helping people use writing tools such as BestDissertation.com to improve their organic marketing. When he’s not busy promoting the benefits of automation, Kurt enjoys long-distance running and unorthodox past recipes.

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