3 Big Benefits of Email Validation

Oct 05 2015

How many website visitors do you get to your site each month? Think about it… is it 7 thousand or 7 million? Either way you work hard to drive traffic to your website in various forms such as SEO, website banners, email marketing, word of mouth, etc. After you are spending a lot of time and money on getting that traffic, you want the users to engage with your site, and be legitimate.

No point in collecting a bunch of fake user sign ups, it is just spammy and a waste of your time. So how exactly do you find out if an email address like rodgerrabbit98@yahoo.com is a real account or not? You need to start using email validation.

1. Email Marketing. – If even 20% of the email addresses you collect are fake, and you attempt to send out a weekly newsletter to your subscriber base you are guaranteed to get a 20% hard bounce rate. High hard bounce rates will significantly damage your sender score, and will get you kicked off the email platform that you are working with. If you put at email validator in place to check the email addresses at point of collection before sending it off to your ESP you will be able to eliminate your hard bounces and have other added benefits to your mailing campaigns.

2. Good Bye Bots – Website bots are the next big hassle. This is why you see on so many landing pages the use of email CAPTCHAs or the requirement of entering your email address twice to verify that you are a human not a robot. When you implement email validation using the JavaScript it will actually prevent bots from being able to submit data if the email address is not legit.

3. Saving You Money – Face the facts, we all want to save money all of the time. If you are paying out your ears for leads, do not pay for ones, which are not real. It is typical for an average client of our email validator to find about 18% invalid data. If you are paying $0.25 per lead and get you about 55,000 leads per month – That is about $2,475 you will save on your media buying expenses.

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