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Email Marketing Mistakes

5 Most Common Email Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

A lot of businesses make use of email marketing as a tool to convert their audience into paying customers, while also ensuring they maintain a presence and build relationships with existing customers. For almost 60% B2B marketers, email marketing strategy is vital for revenue generation. In the world of social media, emails still hold that much of importance.   To some, email marketing is a second thought and doesn’t get the deserved time and energy …

March 25, 2019
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7 Cold Email Tips That Will Increase Response Rates

A well-crafted cold email is one of the most powerful weapons a marketer should have in his or her arsenal. Cold emails are all about getting responses from your prospects and turning them into clients. If you aren’t satisfied with the response rate for your current cold email campaign then here are 7 cold email tips that will definitely increase your response rate. 1. Get to the point quickly In the age of the internet, …

March 18, 2019
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European Email Verification

Xverify targets European Email Verification Market

Xverify targets European Email Verification market with local data processing, Dublin office DUBLIN — Xverify, a TowerData company, is addressing the needs of European email marketers for data quality, GDPR compliance and superior support by processing data within the European Union and opening an office in Dublin. Xverify is an leader in Email Verification services, and has verified more than 11 billion emails since 2011. All data submitted to Xverify for Email Verification by European-based …

March 11, 2019
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convert email subscribers into customers

How to Convert Email Subscribers into Customers

The end goal of email marketing is converting your email subscribers into loyal customers. It all starts with building an email list that should lead to sales down the road. But let’s face it, most email marketers struggle with converting email subscribers into customers because they don’t have a follow-up plan to make things happen. In this post we are going to cover the basics of a good email subscription form and the steps you …

March 07, 2019
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