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Content Marketing Strategies for 2019

9 Content Marketing Strategies You Need For Your Business

In today’s topic around content marketing strategies, it refers to the writing part on your business website, and it involves creating new content and maintaining the old one. To be more precise it implies developing, researching, writing, and promoting content. Communicating the right message creates a strong relationship with your customers which leads to higher profit. Therefore, follow these content strategies to ensure your business growth. Top Content Marketing Strategies for 2019 Identify your goals …

December 27, 2018
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Data Hygiene

Prioritizing Data Hygiene In Your Business

We often talk about the value of high-quality, clean data. But sometimes numbers speak more than words, which is why the researchers at The Data Warehousing Institute decided to get to the bottom of this data hygiene problem and just how much it’s costing businesses. The result was more than even we expected. The study shows that businesses are losing around $600 billion annually thanks to poor data hygiene. But how are businesses losing so …

December 18, 2018
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