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welcome email

The Importance of a Strong Welcome Email

The Importance of a Strong Welcome Email You never get a second chance at a first impression. While the statement rings true for interactions in the real world too, it’s especially relevant in your email program. That first impression can be the difference between creating a lasting email relationship with your subscribers and causing those subscribers to race for your “unsubscribe” link. For many email programs, the welcome email is responsible for making the first …

May 09, 2018
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dynamic content

Dynamic Content Best Practices and Methods

You’ve got an eagle eye on email marketing KPIs: your delivery rate, your open rate, and your engagement rate. But you, like many advanced email marketers, could be missing most important KPI: heart rate. In other words, does your content resonate with your audience in a way that engages them for more than a momentary click? Does your content and your marketing strategy and cadence create a sense of urgency and connection to your product or service that …

May 03, 2018
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