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Survey Your Subscribers to Boost Email Engagement Rates

Email campaigns that get the highest rates of engagement are campaigns that are more tailored to the individual subscriber. Not only in terms of marketing to your customer, but also learning more about improving your business model. Reliable customer feedback can bring a lot of valuable insights to your business. Then you can learn how to communicate much better with your customers and grow your relationship. Think of all those birthday emails retailers send you. …

December 30, 2016
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6 Reasons Why Your Email List is Not Performing

Like most digital marketers, you are probably spending a lot of money on lead generation. But, why is your email list not performing? Let’s take a look at the most common reasons your digital data is not getting the performance you are looking for. 1. Poor Data Quality – It’s time to clean your list. Email address data has gone old. The subscriber no longer logs into that email account. The subscriber provided you with …

December 26, 2016
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5 Ingenious Ways to Check Email Addresses

Stop checking email addresses the old-fashioned way. A simple syntax format check, just don’t cut it any more. You need a deeper level of validation on your web form. The amount of invalid data is growing rapidly as more website visitors use smart phones, and make typos. You need to detect and correct bad data before it gets into your marketing funnel. Here are 5 ingenious ways to check email addresses. 1. Check email addresses …

December 21, 2016
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5 Problems You Can’t Ignore When It Comes To Email Address Validation

1. Skipping Email Verification: If you are not currently putting any type of email address validation in place on your landing pages, you have a problem. You are letting poor quality data sneak into your database. Bad data will do damage immediately or over time. Email address validation is a process in which the email address can first be checked for accuracy and authenticity before entering your marketing funnel. 2. Using Syntax Validation Only: Syntax …

December 15, 2016
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Email Cleaning Tools Can Enhance Your Email Engagement Rates

What was the open rate of your last email campaign? If it was embarrassingly low, then there are some changes you need to make before you deploy your next campaign. Hard bounces, spam complaints, and unsubscribe requests damage your ability to effectively reach your recipients inbox. We recommend you start with your data quality and doing some email cleaning. What is email cleaning? Email cleaning, otherwise known as email verification is a process of checking …

December 12, 2016
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Data Hygiene: How to Protect Your Data Quality in 2017

Did you realize that data management and data hygiene is one of the move overlooked steps when trying to put together a successful marketing campaign. Marketers are actually blindly trusting any data that enters the front door of their website, but why? Perhaps it is cost of adding another layer of protection. Maybe even time it takes to implement another service, or just ignorance to the damage they are causing themselves. Risks of not protecting …

December 09, 2016
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personalizing emails

Getting Personal: 5 Tips for Personalizing Emails

Emails are highly valuable to B2B marketers, yet these same marketers admit they struggle with strategies for personalizing emails. In fact, a recent study by Adestra shows that 46% of marketers say they are still in the early stages of implementing email personalization, and the remaining 64% say they want to improve their personalization initiatives. For some, getting started at a most basic level might mean simply inserting the prospect’s name in the opening email …

December 06, 2016
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Why does Your Business Need to use an Email Verification Service?

First, let’s take a moment to analyze your current business model. Are you an online business, or a brick and mortar? Do you ship physical goods, or only sell digital downloads? Think about what happens during the sales process in both scenarios in the event you acquire a bad email address. Look at the following examples of both an online store and an offline store and how they can benefit from using an email verification …

December 06, 2016
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What are you currently doing to verify customer data?

If your answer is nothing you have a big problem on your hands. If you don’t think you have a problem right now, you’re wrong. Customer data is the life of your business, don’t miss out on the opportunity to collect the correct data the first time.If you want your business to have long-term success it is important you verify customer data. Go Beyond a Syntax Check When I ask customers “What are you currently …

December 01, 2016
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