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How to Configure Your XVerify Settings for Email Verification

XVerify Settings For Email Verification Ready to start validating your email data in real time? First let’s talk about what you can DO to configure the Xverify settings in your account. First, before you can begin you must set up a trusted domain. A trusted domain with us is a security precaution which allows you to tell us which domains you are going to be sending verification requests from. If a request comes in from …

August 29, 2016
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Guide to File Uploading Your Data on XVerify

Cleaning your data regularly is a must. We always recommend that you clean up your database by file uploading  when you get started with us first, then implement real-time data verification on your landing pages so that you make sure you are only taking in good high-quality data. How to Prepare Your File For File Uploading Step 1. Make sure that your file contains one or many columns and that the column which contains your email data …

August 25, 2016
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